La légende raconte qu’à Bagdad la magnifique, un grand vizir répondant au nom d’Iznogoud, particulièrement mal intentionné, cultive. Bibliographie dans Pilote de la BD Calife Haroun el Poussah. Le calife Haroun el Poussah et le grand vizir Iznogoud dans Pilote. à retrouver vos BD Iznogoud sur le WEB 45, RC 2p, Les retours d’Iznogoud ou comment le grand vizir, après avoir été rivé, est arrivé, loin de la rive, à ne.

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Hundreds of people show up claiming to be the Sultan’s child, and the Sultan adopts them all and ruins Iznogoud’s plan. His attempts get other things and people shrunk and finally himself.

He rips too many and he is transported to the 20th century, inside the studio of Tabary. A poor fisherman discovers an ostrich that lays golden eggs when sung a song, and Iznogoud plans to use the eggs to fund a mercenary campaign to overthrow the Sultan.

Most of the puns in the original French make little sense if translated directly into English, requiring of translators Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge in the case of the English translations to find creative solutions for equivalent iznogoux while still keeping zinogoud the spirit of the original text.

The Sultan lets his first cup go cold and blows on his second cup to cool it, so that when he and Iznogoud are set upon by bandits, it only remains hot for long enough for the Sultan to float away back to the palace, while the hiccuping vizier is captured. Excludes The Picnic and Chop and Change.

Iznogoud seeks an opportunity at iznogouc party in the Sultan’s honour to make the Sultan look like a lunatic with a loony hat, but his plan is waylaid by the party show. In search of an art teacher, he meets Tabary, renamed “Tabary El-Retard”.


In another episode, Iznogoud gets a magical calendar that lets him travel in time when iznogoid rips off its pages. Goscinny’s taste for sharp satirical writing keeps the repetitive format of the stories constantly fresh, making Iznogoud one of the most popular anti-heroes in the French comic strip world.

Iznogoud and Adulahf tangle with a cave man and get trapped in the past after the scientist suddenly returns to his own time. Iznogoud seeks the help of the Magic Weatherman to produce snow to freeze the Sultan. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The sailor Iznotsobad brings Iznogoud a tube of toothpaste, an invention as yet unknown in the sultanate, that he falsely claims contains an undetectable poison.

Inevitably, he is the one who ends up going on a one-way carpet trip to China. Iznogoud is supported by his faithful servant, Wa’at Alahf.

Iznogoud – Wikipedia

Then the merchant’s partner comes looking for him – and he looks exactly like Iznogoud! There are occasionally “behind-the-scenes” moments, as when Iznogoud travels in a country in a mirror, and all is reversed, including text iznoboud balloons. On Nuts’ Day, authorities and servants switch places, meaning Iznogoud is Sultan for a day, but his attempts to make the change permanent by enlisting help from a genie, Sultan Streetcar, and the local people all fail, and when the day ends, he is arrested as a runaway slave.

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Iznogoud sur le WEB

Iznogoud meets a prince who has been transformed into a frog; if a human kisses the frog, the frog is restored to human form while the kisser becomes a frog, while if the frog kisses a human, the human becomes a frog and the frog doesn’t change. When Goscinny died inTabary eventually decided to carry on the work himself, just as Albert Bx did with Asterix.


A mirror genie called Inside-Out takes Iznogoud to a world where everything is the opposite. After Prince Sidecar leaves, the furious Sultan Streetcar shows up a few days later after Iznogoud’s head – his son has overthrown him! Iznogoud proposes a strong dimwitted porter to challenge the Sultan to a duel which would make Iznogoud the sultan if the Sultan is the loser while the winner will be executed for attacking the Sultan.

Tabary is shown complaining to Goscinny about going through this frustrating “reversal” work, and even threatens him with a gun, to convince him into making a non-reversed “translated” version. Iznogoud gets his hands on a rocket ship and tries to launch the Sultan into space, but the moody rocket ship does not blast off. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. However, a piece is missing, forcing Iznogoud to get a new one from the factory.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Iznogoud is met by an alien exploration team whom he hopes will dispose of the sultan with their zapper pistol, only to get zapped himself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Iznogoud gets the Sultan to board the ship of an unlucky sailor, but he and Adulahf also come on the voyage.