Kiffe kiffe demain english translation pdf free download. To download KIFFE KIFFE DEMAIN ENGLISH TRANSLATION PDF, click on the. I came across Faïza Guène’s Kiffe kiffe demain translated as Just Like network and followers to find an English translation for many locations. Kiffe kiffe tomorrow / Language: English French. Published Hachette Littratures English translation © Sarah Adams All rights reserved. No part of.

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It’s like a film script. Franky, this hurricane was called. When I think of all the girls who get pregnant their kife time, not even on purpose. Previous Thread Next Thread. Now she has a whole new motto: Actually, my understanding of the book title is that “kif-kif demain” means “it’ll all be the same tomorrow” based on the arabic slang, but at the end, when she has a granslation of heart, she invents the phrase “kiffe-kiffe demain” which she says is based on the verb kiffer.

Trouble is, our scriptwriter’s got no talent.

kif-kif demain , Kiffe Kiffe demain

It only exists in Africa. Still, she’s an adolescent, and, depending on the situation, she can be tender or surly, sweet or defiant, moving between the belief that life is kif kif-unchanging-and kiffe kiffe-full of promise for a better tomorrow.

traanslation Versailles English – Scotland. No it does not but it is an idiom that got in fashion not long ago and adults do not really use it but it was not made up recently.


Rather it’s a sympathetic account of teenage life — with all its attendant concerns, dreams, misunderstandings, and fears. Theres no customer-satisfaction guarantee. Micia93Englis 7, There are also almost no scenes from school, neither the regular school where she does terribly, nor the vocational school where she seems to be able to hold her own, and there are few scenes of her relating to others especially other girls — even the girl she babysits and clearly is close to is barely described.

Because in her head, shes somewhere else. Paradiesische Aussichten – Deutschland. When I told her she stared at me with her eyes all bugged out, shaking her head like those little toy dogs in the backs of cars.

He went a way demajn way away, back to Morocco to marry another woman, who must be younger and more fertile than my mom. This post has been moved from another thread which had gone off-topic. I just finished the book “Kiffe Kiffe Demain” by Faiza Guene and it’s my impression that the following is true: They were these huge blobs that looked like dried vomit.

Selon vous, le phrase ca veut dire koi?

Kiffe kiffe tomorrow

Doria is still at an age of wildest dreams, too: Basically no matter what you teanslation you’ll always get screwed over. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in.

Actually French people discovered it around XIX. Still, she sees possibilities. It’s like a film script and we’re actors.

In the rough Paris housing projects, Doria, 15, a child of Muslim immigrant parents, sets her soap-opera dreams against enlish grim daily struggle, even as she does sometimes find the bold and the beautiful in herself and in her neighborhood.


Log in or Sign up. A funny, heartfelt story from a wise guy who happens to be a girl. Do you already have engkish account? If your dictionnary is recent, you can look it up. What Mum really likes watching on telly in the evenings is the weather forecast.

Just Like Tomorrow (Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow) – Faiza Guene

Peppered with teenage slang, suburban Franco-Arabic dialect, the voice is unique and easily conjures an image of what life must be like for Doria, as she waits to be thrown out of school and pushed into a career she has no desire for. I just want to re-ignite this thread because I’m a bit confused.

On this thing Mom just de,ain a kind of squiggly shape on the page. At the same time, she is a typical teenager, testing boundaries as she teeters toward independence.

She’ll take the Arabic word kif-kif same old, same old and mix it up with the French verb kiffer to really like something. The darker side of life around Doria doesn’t seem terribly threatening: She’ll prove the projects aren’t only about rap, soccer, and religious tension.