AMS 7276 PDF

AMS 7276 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS at Engineering Aerospace Material Specification also called AMS can exhibit exceptional resistance to heat, aging, weather, ozone, oxygen, and sunlight, as well as. For o-ring applications requiring resistance to heat and a broad range of chemicals, Anchor Rubber carries Viton O-Rings including AMS Viton, FDA Viton.

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However, engine manufacturers are demanding reliable sealing at even lower temperatures as well as at high operating temperatures and with the ability to provide long service life in the now universally-used HTS oils. Since amz, it has undergone a word-for-word conversion to AMS-R and presently is being updated to include Reference Oil aging and longer term compression set test requirements. Demonstrating outstanding chemical resistance and stability in a wide range of aircraft engine lubricants, fuels and hydraulic fluids, the material exhibits excellent resistance to compression set at high temperatures.

Replacement o-ring

zms Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes Absorbents. This ensures sealing integrity and contributes to long seal life, helping maximize aircraft flight hours.


The rubber O-rings are priced low, but quantity discounts may be available on select sizes of O-rings for an even greater value. At low temperatures the modulus of an elastomeric sealing element increases as the temperature decreases.

O-ring FKM AMS 7276

As the sealing material approaches its glass transition temperature Tghardness increases and it ultimately loses its ability to remain flexible. Special Pins and Bolts. It is particularly important to differentiate between materials in aerospace engine applications requiring high temperature performance combined with low temperature capabilities, something older generation FKM materials cannot achieve.

Louis, April May 3, Multi-Line Order cart view cart.

Aviation Lamps — Others. Hand Care — Others.

Sealing and Splicing Tapes. Landing Gear and Hydraulic Fluids. Orders must be placed prior to 3PM Eastern Time.

Lancing Tapes and Cords Cleaners. Plumbing and Electrical Tapes Aviation Lamps. The O-rings 72276 made with AMS Duro Fluorocarbon 75 FKM rubber durometer and are well-suited to the demanding environments found in aircraft engines and systems, withstanding temperatures as high as degrees Fahrenheit.

Weapons Cleaner and Preservative Lubes. The ability for O-rings to seal at low temperature correlates closely with glass transition and temperature retraction. View About Us Global Facts. This fee does not cover shipping costs.


Clips, Clamps and Plugs. Summary and conclusions The objective of this paper was to review a new series of peroxide curable specialty fluoroelastomers that represent a considerable upgrade over the 72766 traditionally available from DuPont Dow Elastomers. Tapes Washers Identification Systems. Sorbent Pads, Rolls, Drum Top. A range of specialty elastomers has been reviewed to evaluate their compatibility with advanced gas turbine engine lubricants and reference fluids.

If you “check” the appropriate box to the left, SkyGeek will ensure that you receive this certification with your order.

Trelleborg’s Latest FKM Material Sets a New Industry Benchmark

Crown Head Solid rivet. Bumps your order to the front of the line to be picked, packed, and shipped out. Duct, Foil and Masking Tapes. Wire and Cable Markers Sealants.

Lacing Products Temporary Fasteners. Cylindrical Head Solid Rivets. Published on May 31, 6: