The aim of this article is to draw attention to the work of a conflict analyst whose theory of ‘protracted social conflict’ – developed in a sustained. A Theory of Protracted Social Conflict. Edward E Azar, one of the forefathers of the conflict resolution field was the first to the describe violent events in the. 2 See Edward E. Azar, The Management of Protracted Social Conflict. Theory Theory of Protracted Social Conflict and the Challenge of Transforming Conflict.

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Identifying the root causes of the Rwanda conflict might provide a baseline for redressing the evils in the country.

Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. Rothman developed a unique approach of conflict resolution that is specifically designed to mitigate protracted social conflict.

By bringing rdward to the forefront, it is hoped that the mutual benefits of ending the conflict can be realized. To conflic this division of society, national identity must be stressed over individual group identity.

Such identity-driven rifts are the result of an underlying fear of extinction that often grows within vulnerable ethnic groups who live with the memories or fear of persecution and massacre. It generally refers to conflicts described by other researchers as protracted or intractablei. Before the independence of Cyprusthe island’s Greek and Turkish cohflict coexisted relatively peacefully. When Greek Cypriots wanted to reduce autonomy and representation of Turkish Cypriots, the latter opposed it and intercommunal violence broke out.

Views Read Edit View history. Conflict resolution can truly occur and last if satisfactory amelioration of underdevelopment occurs as sdward.


Later voluntary regrouping of population resulted in another 10, Greek Cypriots leaving the northern part, and 40, Turkish Cypriots moving protraxted the north, which created two homogeneous ethnic zones on the island. For example, many states are dependent on an external supply of armament.

Contemporary Conflict Resolution, The ARIA model is a comprehensive, yet specific approach to resolving protracted social conflict. Groups that seek to satisfy their identity and security needs through conflict are in effect seeking change in the structure of their society.

The researcher used the qualitative research approach, through which he was able to find the different facts, opinions, attitudes, and experiences about Rwanda conflicts from different informants in Rwanda through interviews and focus groups discussions.

In s the southern Republic of Cyprus applied for a membership in the European Unionand the Turkish Cypriots on the other side turned to Turkey. Numerous peace proposals and plans have been made, but more or less unsuccessful.

The communal groups may experience deep-seated cleavages based upon racial, religious, cultural or ethnic lines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The relevance of Edward Azar’s theory of protracted social conflict in the context of Rwanda

They run a parallel government in many areas of the north and east of Sri Lanka. In contrast to the model of interactive conflict resolution ICR protrcated Fisher proposed inwhich includes identity as one of many human needs, the ARIA model “keeps its focus more narrowly attuned to identity issues in particular.

Among the Sinhalese, the anti-Tamil chauvinism started to spread and the Tamils were more and more disadvantaged and excluded. This first step focuses on the tangible “what of the conflict. The dominant group isolates itself from the needs of other groups, leading to an even bigger separation between groups even within an ethnicity.


It attempts to break down “the barrier of identity through a four-phased process. Some features of this site may not work without it. The pre proposals of different federal or centralist arrangements failed as one or the other side rejected them.

Protracted social conflict

In the northern part declared Turkish Federated State of Cyprus, which declared independence in as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprusrecognized only by Turkey.

Such a need for condlict change is likely to result in a violent conflict. Conflict process Dispute azqr Sectarian violence. Metadata Show full item record. He terms this approach the ARIA model. The needs of the various parties are, in turn, the underlying causes of the conflict. Use the lead layout guide to ensure the section follows Wikipedia’s norms and to be inclusive of all essential details. The major conflict began with the independence inwhen Greek community wanted a union enosis with Greece, to which the Turkish community opposed.

The incidents escalated into a war in Julyafter the island-wide pogrom against Socia. That led the two communities to embark on a hostile and protracted process of separation and segregation.