LOI 53-05 PDF

LOI 53-05 PDF

Loi complétant le code pénal en ce qui concerne les infractions relatives aux Loi relative à l’échange électronique de données juridiques. on the Electronic Exchange of Legal Data) août ) tel que modifié par la loi N° relative à l’échange électronique de données juridiques) Code. Droit de la preuve: lecture de la loi relative à l’échange électronique de données juridiques. Front Cover. Anas Benbaraka. – 9 pages.

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For the purposes of section HPA is the Board-approved payment amount for the year, or the expected payment amount resulting from a Board-approved rate-setting formula, as applicable, in respect of the hydroelectric facilities.

Ontario Power 53-0 Inc. Darlington refurbishment rate smoothing deferral account 5. From March 2, to the e-Laws currency date. B Skip to content Versions current March 2, — e-Laws currency date January 1, — March 1, November 27, — December 31, July 1, — November 26, November 29, — June 30, February 19, — November 28, February 9, — February 18, June 6, — February 8, April 1, — June 5, February 22, — March 31, 7 more.

The following hydroelectric generating stations located in The Regional Municipality of Niagara:.

In making its first order under section You’re using an outdated browser. De Cew Falls Lio. NPF is the Board-approved production forecast for the nuclear facilities for the year.


This includes values relating to the income tax effects of timing differences and the revenue requirement impact of accounting and tax policy decisions reflected in those financial statements. Nuclear development variance account 5. NPA is the Board-approved payment amount for the year in respect of the nuclear facilities. Without limiting the generality of paragraph 5, that paragraph applies to values relating to.

The Board shall accept the values for the assets and liabilities of the generation facilities referred to in paragraph 6 of section 2 as set out in Ontario Power Generation Inc. April 1, — June 5, November 27, — December 31, HPR is the Board-approved payment amount rider for the year in respect of the recovery of balances recorded in the deferral accounts and variance accounts established for the hydroelectric facilities, and.


Sir Adam Beck II. Sir Adam Beck I. Pickering B Nuclear Generating Station.

Saunders hydroelectric generating station on the St. June 6, — February 8, Without limiting the generality of paragraph 5, that paragraph applies to values relating to, i.

February 9, lpi February 18, January 1, — March 1, Prescribed generation facilities 2. Prescribed date for s.

The following generation facilities 5-05 Ontario Power Generation Inc. In setting payment amounts for the assets prescribed under section 2, the Board shall not adopt any methodologies, assumptions or calculations that are based upon the contracting for all or any portion of the output of those assets.


July 1, — November 26, Learn more about the browsers we support for a faster and safer online experience.

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February 19, — November 28, Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. February 22, — March 31, Rules governing determination of payment amounts by Board 6. The order shall provide for the payment of amounts with respect to output that is generated at a generation facility referred to in paragraph 6 of section 2 during the period from July 1, to the day before the effective date of the order.

,oi Cew Falls I. Nuclear liability deferral account 5. Home page Laws O. This Regulation is made in English only.

If Ontario Power Generation Inc. Pickering A Nuclear Generating Station. Deferral and variance accounts 5. This website will not display oli and some features will not work. The Board shall ensure that the balance recorded in the deferral account established under subsection 5.