[14] ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE NORMAS TÉCNICAS – ABNT. NBR, Cabos elétricos — Cálculo da corrente nominal —. Condições de operação. is a place to share and follow research. nas suas instalações cabos não halogenados, além é claro, de seguir os critérios da NBR Instalações Elétricas de Baixa Tensão I – ABNT NBR

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Hadamard Kernel SVM with applications for breast cancer outcome predictions. The present study discusses the microstructure and wear resistance of laser -deposited ahnt reinforced composites based on Ti-Nb-Zr-Ta alloys.

The nanomechanical properties of the metal—ceramic coating combinations exhibit a marked substrate effect as a consequence of helium implantation. These characteristics include shape, texture, and color. Furthermore, adequate arithmetic modules that is, sub-devices used for intermediate calculations, such as code converters nr proper sectors selectors for output voltages and input current are presented in detail.

Computation-assistant diagnosis of prostatic bnr may have promising potential but is currently still less studied. Depending on the number of multiple laser shocks, the hardness of nanodiamond compact was lower or higher than that of PcBN. Boron lattice location in room temperature ion implanted Si crystal. Forming controlled inset regions by ion implantation and laser bombardment.

This study aimed to develop a method for acquiring more training data based on a collected small training set. Samples of a steel with high chrome content was implanted separately with 75 keV nitrogen ions and with 75 keV boron ions. The built system helps the food industry and customer in classifying dates depending on specific quality measures giving best performance with specific type of dates.

These observations have thrown light on the change in the wear mechanism between the two cases. A substantial reduction in friction coefficient was observed for PEEK at the highest dose but no reduction was observed for Ultem. Since SVM doesn’t take the data distribution into consideration, and therefore, its classification efficiencies can’t be greatly improved. Effectively, a game-theoretic approach to machine learning is well suited for the MapReduce paradigm and provides a novel, alternative new perspective to addressing the big data problem.

Multi-energy ion implantation from high-intensity laser. In this effort, systematic procedures have been established and calcium phosphate implants were successfully fabricated from various sources of geometric information.

The lattice relaxations in the diamond 0 0 1 2 x 1 reconstruction surface or near surface of simulated have been discussed. This is an attractive property for practitioners, because many image processing tasks are too large to choose SVM parameters using cross-validation.


Although typical energies used to dope diamond by ion implantation are about keV, implantations have also been performed with energies above MeV.

Bearing in mind, the friction coefficient can been predicted using the hybrid PSO- SVM -based model by the measured friction coefficient between aircraft tire and coating. There is a need for comprehensive analysis on prediction accuracy of supervised method SVM using different kernels on different biological experimental conditions and network size.

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However, the friction coefficient which is predicted based on SVM has yet to be explored between aircraft tire and coating. The root mean squared error and mean absolute percentage error are employed to evaluate the prediction models’ performances.

1920 From the hardness results obtained, ceramic B4C has improved the mechanical properties of the primary alloy. The relative density, surface roughness, tensile properties, bend strength, and dimensional accuracy of the specimens were evaluated.

Histograms are used in almost every aspect of image processing and computer vision, from visual descriptors to image representations. This paper presents such a linear combination of radial basis kernel and polynomial kernel for the forecast of monthly flowrate in two gaging stations using SVM approach. There are notable impact on dopant distribution and amount of implantation defects with consideration of these models. The local elastic stresses arising aabnt to the difference of boron atomic radius and atomic radius of silicon also contribute to the generation of boron interstitials.

Meanwhile, there have been great efforts to develop implantable materials that can assist in regeneration of bone defects and injuries.

Bbr computational method and system based on a hybrid of an artificial neural network NN and a support vector machine SVM see figure has been conceived as a means of maximizing or minimizing an objective function, optionally subject to one or annt constraints.

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The measured two-dimensional cross-sectional transmission electron microscope XTEM data obtained by using the chemical etching method matched very well with the results of the Gauss model. The results indicated that SVM outperforms neural network. It is found that the model 3 utilizing the combination of relative sunshine duration, difference between maximum and minimum temperatures, relative humidity, water vapor pressure, average temperature, and extraterrestrial solar radiation shows superior performance based upon all approaches.

Then, we compute a two-dimensional validation error surface for each CV fold, which can fit validation errors of CS- SVM for all values of both regularization parameters. Several studies have reported success in the SLM-based production of biocompatible orthopaedic implants and three-dimensional bone defect constructs. The STL dataset are used as object images. We also compared our performance with the available state-of-the-art fuzzy methods in this domain and observed significant performance improvements.


In the lap welding, the joint widths were similar regardless of the welding speed when full penetration was obtained. Consequently the released hydrogen drifts under the electric field and the neutralization becomes more pronounced in the bulk. We present an approach integrating sensor weighting in the classification framework. The success of the procedure illustrated the importance of meticulous preoperative planning, the combined use of state-of-the-art technologies and the seamless teamwork in order to achieve the best clinical outcome for patients who undergo implantation of the implantable miniature telescope.

We also consider a special case of our rotational theory of elasticity which in the stationary setting harmonic time dependence and arbitrary dependence on spatial coordinates turns out to be equivalent to a pair wbnt massless Dirac equations. Moments of these distributions are determined by a curve-fitting programme and compared with moments calculated by Winterbon.

The measured values of perpendicular strain are over 0. The effect of laser irradiation on the implants is the elevation of the temperature surface. In the present thesis ion beam implantation of boron is studied as method nbf the increasement of the hardness and for the improvement of the operational characteristics of abtn tools on the tungsten anbt base.

In order to solve the problem of noise cumulation and deterioration after several times of iteration by the iterative algorithm, a novel regression method based on SVM is proposed, which can approach arbitrary complex non-linear relationship closely and provide with better generalization capability by learning.

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However, insight into the underlying molecular mechanisms responsible for resilin elasticity remains undefined. The relationship between the yaw, specific force, velocity, and the position increment is modeled. The comparison results indicate that the proposed algorithm can effectively provide position corrections for standalone INS during the s GPS outage, which outperforms the traditional LS- SVM method.

The purpose is to find a radial configuration that connects a set of wind generators to the substation, in an optimum way, minimizing operational and construction costs, reducing loss and therefore contributing to sustainability. Pereira, Ricardo Andrade, Celestino Pereira. It was suggested that vacancy rich region due to defect imbalance plays the role to suppress B diffusion.