Comswitch – automatic or distinctive ring phone line sharing device, or fax switch. Replaced by the Multi-Link Stick or SR Find great deals for Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. People who viewed this item also viewed. Used Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System · Used Command Communications .

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You may purchase the Line Routing Switch 4. In this section, there are special operating notes you should read before operating the CS The Department does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user’s satisfaction.

Any repairs or alterations made by the user to this equipment, or equipment malfunctions, may give the telecommunications company cause to request the user to disconnect the equipment.

Not all faxes transmit this tone when they place a call. During the next four seconds the CS listens for the following signals: Automatic Or Semi Automatic Modes. Click for Glossary of Terms. Your warranty starts with the date of original purchase. To turn Distinctive Ring detection ON, perform the following steps: Monitor routing on line two will operate providing that the answering machine, fax, or modem devices are not active on line one, and only after the call is answered on line two.

Answering incoming calls return to top.

Command Communications ComSwitch 7500 Switch

Power Device Voltage Required. More information and more specific products are available at faxswitch. Should these changes affect the CS coomswitch, the telephone company must notify you, in writing, to enable you to maintain uninterrupted service.

Mark the positions for 2 mounting screws not supplied on the wall. You can also manually reset the CS to 6 rings by performing any of the following steps:.

If this set-up does not meet the needs for your application, contact Customer Service for programming alternatives. Answering calls with an answering machine return to top. If the equipment manufacturer does not provide the required cables, you can purchase them at a consumer electronics store. In the event the product does not conform to this warranty at any time that this warranty is in effect, the warrantor shall repair the defect, return it to you without charge for parts, service, or any other costs incurred by the warrantor or its representative in connection with the performance with this warranty.


With this feature turned ON, the CS will monitor the line for 30 seconds after the 75000 machine answers a call. Line 1 fax or modem transfers occur only if there is NO activity on line 2 when you or your answering machine answer line 1. Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Caller ID is a service provided by your local telephone company.

Cyber Comwwitch deals on storage: Command was also an original equipment manufacturer OEM for a number of major telecommunications companies in North America.

ComSwitch® CS Operator’s Guide

Contact the dealer where you purchased the CScomwsitch call one of the service centers listed below to obtain a return material authorization number RMA. The telephone company may make changes in the telephone network. Two 8K In-Line Micro-filter phone filters are required – available from most consumer electronics stores. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

Retrieving answering machine messages from a remote location comswitcj to top. Not all modem comma75500 delay dialing for a 2 second interval. During an outbound call, you can also receive a transmission from someone that is ready to transmit. Calls requiring access to the computer modem must use the following dialing string in their computer’s software: For best results, callers should have your fax number programmed into their fax machine’s “speed-dial” memory.

Command Communications Comswitch 7500 4-Port Phone/Fax Modem/Ans Machine Line Sharing Device

comswjtch The name Distinctive Ring Service may vary with each telephone company, as well as the ring types available. Allows user to select comsiwtch phantom ring the caller will hear when ComSwitch is processing a call in the Automatic mode. To mount on a wall, follow these steps: The following diagram shows a complete installation for a 1 or 2-line telephone connection. Users should ensure for their own protection that the electrical ground connections of the power utility, telephone lines and internal metallic water pipe system, if present, are connected together.


Consoles by Rick Broida Dec 21, This manual was compiled from numerous documents that were originally published in and contains more information than was published in the original manual.

The comssitch typically has features like call holding, music on hold, conference calling, and intercom paging. When you add a second or third phone number to your single line, the CS works smoothly to process calls without depending on access codes or transfer tones. Modifications may have been made to products in comswjtch to function in certain locations.

Receiving a computer call return to top. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Data communications is becoming increasingly popular, and the CS allows you to take advantage of this technology.

To mount on a cmoswitch, follow these steps:. Phone companies offer this service under various names, check with your local phone company for details.

You can install the CS into one of the following phone configurations: Follow the remote retrieval procedures for your answering machine.

Locate the telephone line from the phone company after it enters the premises but before it routes to any phone jack.