Although, that some of their learning resources center is under renovation, you can still say that it was arranged properly. The school library. Technology in the Learning Environment A Portfolio Presented To: Teacher Education Department Northern Negros State College of Science. Republic of the Philippines St. Michaels College College of Education Quezon Avenue,Iligan City Portfolio in FS – 3 Technology in the Learning Environment.

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When appropriate, the classroom setting should be expanded to include experience in the field. It must have also one design or theme for whole slides to avoid confusion or any misconception. Which of the materials in the Learning Resource Center caught your interest the most? I may have them pass their sense chart on the following day. November 29, Name of Observer: Lewrning Yuckiest Site on the Internet http: September 16, Class Observational Guide: Go around the school and examine the board displays.

The content was the whole topic that covers our third grading period.

Some of the websites have games and other has tutorial programs but aside from those benefits, internet access may also be dangerous to the learners. Recall your past experiences in making board displays. Cite 3 different observations about how pupils presented their output.

Which of the materials in the learning resources caught technoloty interest the most? Can serve as a link for teacher to other science activities. I will also present a power point presentation that contains my topic for that day.


Inspired by the virtues of Mary and animated by the Ignacian spirituality, we empower and nurture technoolgy into becoming transformed citizens with courage and determination to make a difference and contribute to social transformation. The teacher gives some examples on the board on how to solve static energy using its formula.

Web site also contains photos, graphics, trivia, and classroom connections. Republic of the Philippines St.

I believe that every child is special and must be treated as such. Making a presentation using power point program is just gechnology easy task for me. The teacher use Laptop and Overhead projector in his teaching 3. Not really, the postings are for those concerned people only, not the learners.

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Provided with varied learning strategies and materials, students are expected to: Naveed shaikh February 6, at 3: Some contents are missing and are disarranged.

For this reason, I believe that using a variety of multimedia including video, slides, and the internet, is an effective way to complement traditional course lectures remains the foundation of the educational experience.

Make a written response for discussion about the following points: The teacher must also read several references so that the handout will be an informative tool for the students learning.

Field Study 3 Technology In The Learning Environment

I believe that learning must not only be on learning per se but it should be on learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together. What components do I include in my outline? Make sure that you are knowledgeable on the subject matter and how you were able to Come-up or made such materials since students may ask you about this and you should be pre- Pared in environmejt them or giving them information.


Most of it was announcements, activities or events in school and etc… The announcements were written in a formal way that everyone can quickly and clearly understandthe information were arranged past to latest and the materials used have a high quality that can last for a longer time. It was inductive, learner centered and activity oriented. Describe four 4 observed talents and skills of the learners as demonstrated in the class.

They become more interested to know such idea that they are not familiar with. Technology in the Learning envidonment.

Field Study 3 Technology In The Learning Environment – PDF Drive

Look around and see what resources and facilities are available inside. And the things I have seen in their science room amazes me, that is why I want to know how do they preserve such specimen or should I say, I want to know how to run a science laboratory. Developed and utilize instructional materials appropriate to a chosen lesson in microteaching.