: Oath Breaker: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Book 5 (Audible Audio Edition): Michelle Paver, Ian McKellen, Orion Publishing Group Limited. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker [Michelle Paver, Geoff Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Fast-paced and exciting . Note: This is the 5th book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so this will not be an in-depth review. I picked up Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver.

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The peoples are fracturing and dividing. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness 1. He becomes protective of Renn in the later books darknesss they grow closer: The story is based on already long-established threads from the previous novels and brings nothing new to the series other than closing said threads. To ask other readers questions about Oath Breakerplease sign up. The characters are lovingly presented. Here, Torak finally learns why he is the Sprit Walker and discovers the true cost of revenge.

It is packed full of adventure, literally from page one! She has slept on reindeer skins, swum with wild orca killer whalesand got nose-to-nose with polar bears – and, of course, wolves.

May 29, Martina Sanjaya rated it really liked it. The main character, Torak, alone in chronucles world, soon meets a lone wolf cub, Wolf, with whom he can communicate having spent around three months in a wolf den as a baby.

I cannot feel with him as I did in the other books.

Oath Breaker | Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Tapi, saya tetap suka sama novel ini karena karakternya dibuat semakin kuatrasa kepeduliannya meningkat, saya suka banget sama Torak yang rela berkorban selalu demi orang-orang terdekatnya. In Oathbreaker, Torak loses his kinsmen and becomes consumed with avenging his death.

At first he hates Renn intensely because of the way he treated her when he and Torak are first captured, and in the chapters that are written from his point of view, he initially refers to her as the “female tailless”: In their desire to subjugate all the clans, the Soul Eaters have captured a range of hunting animals—including Wolf—which they will sacrifice to unleash demons.


As many books centers around an epic war, I appreciated how this book focuses on the better concept of trying to avoid war as it tends to tear society and the people involved apart. This is the best book so far in this very good series!

Unlike Outcast the anvient took a very different turn, this book was much oathbreaekr and much more intense than any previous books, but this is what made it so good, as well as the countless adorable moments! There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Torak shows the clans that destroying him will not help them in their struggle against the Soul Eaters, and they accept him back.

She climbs to the top, from where she sees Torak fighting Thiazzi.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Oath Breaker

Please try again later. The author gives him an unusual vocabulary that often describes exactly what things are to a wolf or any other animal: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This story sucked darknees in from the start. I am crying, my heart has exploded and I am so in love with this series it hurts Go re-read the Chronicles of Narnia yawn.

This book is the 5th book in the chronicles of ainchient darkness series. The Soul-Eaters are a group of mages who united to combine their powers for the darknss of all people calling themselves the “Healers”, but became corrupted and now wish to have power over everyone, using a crystal called the Fire Opal to make demons do their bidding.

Sorry, this title is no chrpnicles available. I can’t get enough of these books and I’m all grown up! Seshru is revealed to be Renn’s mother.

Alliances will be tested among the clans and maybe this Chrpnicles power is all the greater if he’s a Soul Eater. It made me smile and teary-eyed. Since I work with horses, I felt a big ouch there and wished she had done better research on them. More back story gets filled in.


Paver’s beautiful writing is such that we can feel his despair and anger and pain as though it were our own. Renn is dwrkness to kill Seshru, but Bale steals her bow and kills Seshru dagkness, because Renn would be tainted if she killed her own mother. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The Chronicles of Ancient Darkeness books are simply brilliant. Nah karakter Torak semakin mirip dengan tokoh anime terkemuka yang siapapun pasti kenal, Naruto! Michelle Paver was born in Central Africa, but came to England as a child.

I wanted to give this book 10 stars!!! All other tribesman are primitive and gullible. The last of Wolf’s cubs, Pebble, who has survived his ordeal, is then discovered by his parents. Special untuk Ijul, dirimu bertanggungjawab atas buku selanjutnya, Cepet beli!!! Paver would continue further into his life as he ages and matures and can pass his wisdom on to another – I really want a happy ending with Renn.

In Marchin a question-and-answer session conducted on a fan-site, Paver announced that there may be oaghbreaker prequel series to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

Is it possible to travel from mountain to darknes forest to sea to highest peaks to deep forest in so short a time? It’s just got to be one of the best children’s series ever and more people NEED to read I wanted to give this kathbreaker 10 stars!!!

These books are so enjoyable. Although Torak is happy for Wolf, the fight is not over, as Eostra, the last and most dangerous of the Soul Eaters, now has the fire opal. Feb 27, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love her od.

Refresh and try again. And the entire audio series has been read by Ian McKellen who is one of the most talented actors on the planet.