In Menzies released a second book entitled The Year a. The New York Times bestselling author of offers another stunning reappraisal of history, presenting compelling new evidence that traces the roots of the. The brilliance of the Renaissance laid the foundation of the modern world. Textbooks tell us that it came about as a result of a rediscovery of the ideas and.

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Proof of Chinese geographic influence, right there. Neither will I comment on the gross ethnic stereotypes indulged in within these covers.

More compelling evidence that the Chinese traversed the globe first. A good sequel to the author’s ”, this book debunks many of the myths taught as ‘history’ in western euro-centric school systems.

Ok, I get it, the Chinese, or so he claims, knew more about geography than Europeans did. For example, he insists Columbus and other navigators already knew of the American continents in advance, ignoring Columbus’ own delusional after action reports. This history was all new to me and astonishing.

I finished this only because I started it but what a poor reason to do so. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book is highly recommended to all those who would like to read something spectacularly original.

1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance

This site uses cookies. Read and I stuck with it menzie a long time, but I’ll confess that I’m putting it away now wit Menzies’ scholarship is impressive!

InGavin Menzies offers a stunning reappraisal of history, presenting compelling new evidence on the European Renaissance, tracing its roots to China In this provocative, highly readable history, Gavin Menzies makes the startling argument that China provided the spark that set the Renaissance ablaze.

Retrieved from ” https: I can’t explain the author’s lengthy digressions into maritime minutiae while broadly glossing over more fundamental questions raised by his thesis, other than by supposing he’s a sailor first and author second. Menzie’s argument goes as follows: From onward, Europeans embraced Chinese gvain ideas, discoveries, and inventions — all which have formed the basis of European civilisation just as much as Greek philosophy and Roman law.

Actually, I do ….

Phoenix TV, a television company part-owned by Murdoch, has produced a documentary based on that has played to vast audiences in China; President Hu Jintao, no less, endorsed Menzies’ theories when he addressed a joint session of the Australian Parliament.


The evidence is not examined at great lengths, and a lot of his research depends on the British Library System; the author does not examine Chinese sources except through third-hand accounts that come in through his website. Rather, the author covers ground previously gone over in his other book, Unfortunately, this reckless manner of dealing with evidence is typical ofvitiating all its extraordinary claims: He imagines that the Chinese taught the Europeans that the world was round, in spite of copious evidence that this was already well understood.

First , now Gavin Menzies and historical revisionism

Florence and Venice of the early fifteenth century were hubs of world trade, attracting traders from across the globe. The ensuing enquiry found Menzies and one of his subordinates responsible for a combination of factors that led to the accident, including the absence of the coxswain who usually takes the helm in port who had been replaced by a less experienced crew member, and technical issues with the boat’s telegraph.

Jun 01, Lauren Hiebner rated it liked it Shelves: Based on years of research, this marvellous history argues that a Chinese fleet, official ambassadors of the emperor, arrived in Tuscany inwhere they met with Pope Eugenius IV in Florence.

Jul 21, Thomas Kinsfather rated it it was ok.

Marco Polo’s journeys occurred years previously gain overland trade between China and the Middle East exited centuries before then. To be fair, there once was an Arabic canal near where Menzies claims it was, and it did connect the Nile to the Red Sea. We don’t regard it as an historical book, but as a narrative one.

The evidence is not examined at great lengths, and a lot of his research depends on the British Library System; the author does I picked this up 144 a bargain bin find, and I still got ripped off. But the original Chinese influence is unmistakable.

Archived from the original on 27 January Neither is there an attempt to explain why these freely-distributed revolutionary encyclopedias don’t exist in material form or record in any European archive from that period. Did the Venetians have their backs to the water when it slipped past?

The contention is that Chinese knowledge was spread to Italy via a treasure fleet which sailed through the Red Sea-Nile canal in In Menzies released a second book entitled In his words and ideas flowed smoothly, his use of the language was exemplary, and his case was compelling.

Our experience with Chinese medicine has been enlightening as we have come to understand how a three thousand year tradition of health and healing has much to say to us.


You might need to read a copy of “Who Discover… https: Published by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews.

| The Lost Empire of Atlantis | | | Chinese Exploration | Gavin Menzies

Mar 09, Terry Earley rated it liked it. Instead of using evidence that stands up to scrutiny, Menzies uses the art of innuendo. See, the whole thing is problematic, because the Chinese actually went through a major period of isolationism right after this brief period of world-traveling, specifically as a overreaction to Ghengis Khan and his Mongol Hoard, which had actually held and ruled China all the way up to the beginning of the s, or in other words the beginning of the Ming Dynasty in that country.

Can’t read at all? Retrieved 23 June Kita yang di Indonesia pasti sudah akrab dengan favin sang laksanama Muslim mnezies, yang sedemikian dihormati sehingga jejaknya bisa kita temukan mulai dari Bangkok, semenanjung Malaka hingga ke msnzies utara Jawa, kemudian ke penjuru Samudra Hindia.

Gavin Menzies

They won’t bother to subject to the same treatment; life is too short. Jun 22, Troy rated it really liked it. Menzies also provides us with a hilarious portrait of a common Chinese sailor on a make and mend day doing some self improvement by reading an encyclopedia. Menzies is most known for his book ” Rivers writes that Menzies contradicts himself by saying elsewhere in his book that Taccola had started his work on his technical sketches inwhen Zheng He’s fleet was still assembled in China, and that the Italian engineer finished his technical sketches in —one year before the purported arrival of the Chinese fleet.

I’m sorry I haven’t logged in to GoodReads recently Not a single document or artifact has been found to support his new claims on the supposed Ming naval expeditions beyond Africa I will say, however, that should you be able to swallow the book up to the closing chapters you are in for a real comet ic treat, a lie so big view spoiler [ a comet impact noticed only by the Australian Aborigines that created a gigantic cyclonic storm and a tsunami meters high that carried a junk bound for New Zealand?