We offer our customers the ideal solution for their high precision requirements. Gehring form honing is an innovative process which allows to perform cylinder . The Gehring honing control allows for controlled stroke speeds and a high.

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Additional Brochures in the Download-Center. Your benefits In addition to the technical and application-related advantages, the modular structure of the tooling system enables the best delivery times both for new tools and tooling rework. Whether high-precision workpieces with small to medium-sized components or engine blocks, whether small or large series production – we provide you with the best solution!

Continuous professional tooling rework increases the life cycle of your honing tools and guarantees optimal process reliability. Find more information about our PT-Series. You are using a very outdated browser. Standard Honing Stone Type T Stone with T-shaped profile with a narrow reduced section and a short wide work element in the lower area.

Gehring is able to deliver advanced honing technology solutions that assists greatly with performance and fuel economy, as well as low noise and exhaust emissions. This applies to all industry-standard surface requirements of our customers.

Standard Honing Stone

The reduction of internal engine friction is considered a contribution towards the targeted limits. The Gehring honing control allows for controlled stroke speeds and a high degree of accuracy for switch-over processes. Plug connections are used instead of the conventional wiring.

Our clients retain complete control of their data and the module can be switched on or off at any time. Smarthone Our product series smarthone particularly fulfills the needs of job joning in workshop manufacturing and prototyping.

In order to be able to implement form honing professional, innovative processing hardware is necessary:. Examples of variations of functional shapes. The horizontal honing unit ensures precise and effective machining of crank bores in engine blocks. Produkte – Honwerkzeuge – Quicklink – Triple 1: For detailed information about our cutting materials please click here.


In the area of munition technology, honing has been proven to improve barrel and cannon performance – especially in spray-coated barrels – by producing more uniform and controlled bore geometry, size and geyring finish.

Click here for the flyer. A longer service life is possible through the use of compact frames. Technical highlights The so-called tool string consists of the honing tool and the connecting piece for the spindle. The Gehring Connection Module GCM — our solution for a high level of connectivity — is built into our machines as standard.

To make full use of our website, we recommend that you gehrint your honung to the newest version. Precision and durability characterize our tooling systems.

Gehring Technologies – Advanced Honing Technology | Gehring

Gehring News Ticker Gehring at the AMB in Stuttgart Technology experts present developments in the field of digital solutions, form honing and automation. We are able to define the ideal honing stones both for Gehring toolsand for tools from other manufacturers. By using our website, you agree that we make use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience with Gehring.

Typical areas of applications are all types of car crankcases – which allows for optimal processing of inline blocks, V-blocks and, last but not least, main bearing bores. The fast and efficient tool changing system with extremely short tool gehrring times, provides you with the best solution for different part types gehding in case of gehringg or process-related changes. PT Series tooling system The tool for the machining of bores with mm diameter. In combination with the HSK connection, quick tool changes can be assured.

Gehring – Excellence in motion. Future in mind.

Whether machining of cylinder or crankshaft bore, whether modular variant or transfer line, we offer the right solution. Customer Service Long-term success requires efficient products and excellent service during the entire life cycle. You are using a very outdated browser. Gehring offers a huge hojing of honing tools for your process. This tool is typically gehding for gears. The modular design allows for the corresponding scalability depending on production capacity, while the attached control cabinet means that the machine can be set up quickly and correctly.


Whether three- or four-cylinder – efficiency and shorter cycle times for honing are assured thanks to the three processing stations. We provide our customers with technologies relevant to applications.

At Gehring, we offer complete support in all service matters. The abrasive layer is produced with a steel blank and the honing stone is soldered or bonded onto the stone holder of the tool. Best equipped for the future The compact gehrinb unit with powerful stroke and efficient direct spindle drive stands for high level flexibility.

During operating conditions, there are complex distortion mechanisms which deform the cylinder bore. Reduce your tooling costs by preventive maintenance and profit from our wealth of experience. The PT K is specially designed for Position Geehring and therefore the fine drilling process is substituted without sacrificing finish quality.

In addition to the technical and application-related advantages, the modular structure of the tooling system enables the best delivery times both for new tools and tooling rework.

Whether air, water or electricity consumption – honiing can easily maintain an overview of the process. The module provides secure and reliable access to your machine.

Gehring Honing control Developed for honing processes. Left – en-WW more. Click here for the flyer Additional Brochures in the Download-Center. Formhoning professional Form honing professional does not only optimize the local piston clearance but also compensates for cylinder deviations from static and thermal distortions.