Deryni Rising has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: It was years ago when I ran across Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni novels. Oddly, I ne. The classic novel that introduced the Deryni?and launched Kurtz?s career. For more than thirty years, the Deryni Chronicles have transported readers. Jul 20, Deryni Rising, like A Game of Thrones, takes place in a world notable for how closely it hews to historical example—or at least, to a somewhat.

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The author has no idea how a sovereign would reign and how an autocracy around a sovereign would act in a time of attack from a foreign threat. I’ll keep an open mind for the future, as Kurtz may well yet surprise me.

How did you find it?

Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz

For his legacy is being challenged by a woman who does not hesitate to lay full claim to her Deryni powers. The line was mostly reprints. If he loses, he dies as his father did. Return to Book Page.

Seriously, I was aware that this was part of the BAF, and the only wholly original title in the program.

Deryni Rising

It was really odd and clearly wasn’t deliberate, so I’m hoping she learned to write both sexes better in the subsequent volumes. The above conceded, there are real problems with the dsryni in this book that I now see with my experience in the craft now guiding my eye. Two rislng stand out for me. View all 3 comments. I definitely want to unpack The Goblin Emperor and Deryni Rising in my own question to the group, so I will reserve talking about that here. One of my earlier comments talked about the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.

A few hundred years back, they ruled the land unpleasantly until the normal humans, with the rizing of a few renegade Deryni, overthrew them. Turns out we were all reading the first book!


Much like science fiction, fantasy is anything I point at and say rusing fantasy. The series is 16 books is deep and growing – and it’s wonderful. Just as in the novels of Sherwood Smith and eising in The Goblin Emperorthe politics of Deryni felt more complex than most epic fantasy.

What if Katherine Kurtz wrote it? That kinda comes out of nowhere. Stay in Touch Sign up. Not long after, I wandered into a conversation among several of my twitter friends: Then there was Deryni Rising. There were no elves or fairies or the like, other than having powers which could be manifestations of forms of telepathy for that kid who mostly read science fictionthere were only people in the book.

This is certainly not Kurtz’s strongest book and she is very much still world-building as she goes. This is nice because not only do you have a solid established setting without too much world deyrni, I heard this is a very long fantasy series which is still ongoingalthough it is divided derynii sets of trilogies so the collecting and reading order is easier.

There’s more but you get the idea, it’s a good book slightly flawed and I wasn’t all that taken with it though I didn’t dislike it either. Eddison which also sold well. Deryni Rising May Fantasy selection. I heard this is a very long fantasy series which is still ongoingalthough it is divided into sets of trilogies so the collecting derynk reading order is easier. These chronicles tell the history of a group of humans whose witchlike Psi Powers, the explanation for which hovers between sf and mysticism, cause them to be deryyni by a medieval Church.

Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz | : Books

Compared to some of her later novels, Deryni Rising is rather light on the political aspects the wonderful council scene notwithstanding. Given how few female characters are in the books of the time or the books in the BAF seriesshe did, I think, a good job with several female characters playing major roles. Tolkien ‘s The Lord of the Rings. Ballantine Books brought some other older fantasy works into print William E. I can also see how Historical Fantasy has grown in cleverness after 40 years!!


So I’m going to continue through these long-awaited books on my “to read” list. Other than that, they seem pretty much human as opposed to elves without pointy ears.

The Deryni are a race of magic-using humans. The omniscient narrator jumps around from point-of-view to point-of-view, explaining everyone’s thoughts and motives and leaving no room for mystery, suspense, or the chance for me to deduce something on my own. There’s a hint in one scene that Deryji is exhausted after casting a protection spell over the sleeping Kelson, but a couple hours later he is able to heal his mortally wounded friend to full health with magic, with no weariness or other side effect.

Posted by The G derybi Oct 17, Joseph rated it really liked it.

Things are out of whack in the world of Gwynedd when Deryni power is so important to a just rule, and yet the Deryni are still distrusted and put down. It hard to imagine that this book was released 43 years ago! There are arguments on both sides, but I find it most satisfying to read in Historical Order, beginning with the Camber of Culdi series.

It was a heartfelt gift as the books were the ones I read while I was on bed rest waiting his arrival. Charissa is a fairly cardboard villain, while Jehanna arguably embodies the negative stereotypes of women as petty, vain and overly emotional.

Then, with the tables turned, there were the sorts of pogroms and atrocities you’d expect. Retrieved from ” https: