Damianita, Hierba de San Nicolas, False Damiana, Mariola, Romerillo, Garanona, San Nicolas, Calanca, Yeyepaxtle Chrysactinia mexicana. Asteraceae. Chrysactinia mexicana: Damianita in hot, dry climates. Scientific: Chrysactinia mexicana. Common: damianita (now that’s weird) Family: Asteraceae Origin: High deserts of NE Arizona, SE Utah and SW Colorado to.

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It flowers in cycles and has great smelling foliage.

Chrysactinia mexicana – Wikipedia

In the vehicle-control group, no satiated male was able to normally copulate with fresh, sexually receptive females. This Asteroideae article is a stub. Regarding the effects of T. Therefore, dopamine has been proposed as a crucial neurotransmitter in the action of yohimbine on sexual satiation [ 20 ]. Gets about 1 ft high. Treatment with Cm produced significant changes F 5.

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Gray Asteraceae and Turnera diffusa Willd Turneraceae are employed in traditional medicine as aphrodisiacs; however, there is no scientific evidence supporting the prosexual properties of C. Taxonomy of Chrysactinia, Harnackia, and Lescaillea Compositae: View at Google Scholar J. The protocol was approved by the local Ethics Committee. Excellent border plant for flower bed or a ground cover for hillsides or hot exposed areas.


Damianita daisy Chrysactinia mexicana

The comparison of the effects of Cm with those of yohimbine in the reversal of sexual satiation reinforces this idea. These observations were employed to calculate the percentage of animals that expressed mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and resumption of copulation, as well as the total number of mounts NM and intromissions NI that preceded ejaculation; intromission latency time from introduction of female to experimental cage to the occurrence of the first intromission, ILejaculation latency time from the first intromission to male achieving ejaculation, ELand postejaculatory interval time from ejaculation to first intromission of a second ejaculatory series, PEI.

Medium and lower doses of Cm were not included in the analysis, because only one subject per group was able to resume copulation after ejaculation.

In North America, C. A plant doesn’t get much tougher than that.

Following a wet late winter, the hills erupt in yellow in early spring. Chrysactinis Conditions Water Use: The actions of this extract were compared with mecicana produced by a standardized aqueous extract of T. Investigation suggests that these substances may act at the level of the Central Nervous System CNS by altering specific neurotransmitters or sex hormones [ 3 ]. The Comps of Mexico: From the National Suppliers Directory According to the inventory provided by Associate Suppliers, this plant is available at the following locations: Studies carried out in the U.

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Results of the Fisher F -test: Well-drained sand, loam, caliche or limestone.

Sexual exhaustion in male rats is a phenomenon that appears after sustained copulation with a single sexually receptive female. Levi De Stein et al.

Landscaping Region by Region Wasowski, S. Results Twenty four h after prolonged copulation, sexually satiated males of the control group rats treated with the vehicle showed an inhibition of sexual behavior determined by a reduction in the number of subjects able to demonstrate regular sexual behavior. Wasowski Bibref – Texas Wildflowers: Sexual interaction is an important factor for social and biological relationships in human life. View at Google Scholar L.

Statistics The proportion of copulating animals was analyzed utilizing the Fisher F -test. In addition, it has been shown that the combination of subthreshold doses of apomorphine, a dopaminergic agonist, synergizes with subthreshold doses of yohimbine, to reverse sexual exhaustion.