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View all 4 comments. This raises the question of whether one should be expected to exhibit certain characteristics in certain situations to “keep their humanity”. I am learning French, starting this year, with the express intention of one day reading this book as the author wrote it. For a fourth thing, he takes everything that people tell him at face value.

Camus concludes that we must instead “entertain” both death and the absurd, while never agreeing to their terms. Dec 01, Danny rated it really liked it.

Durante le riprese, il regista Luchino Visconti accanto alla macchina da presa. However it is his decisions that effect him in this world, particularly by the individuals who trust that his decisions would come gnawing at him in a next world that presumably doesn’t exist as indicated by the narrator.

The prose of Camus is very simple and eloquent, and is a pleasure to read, but he raises some philosophical questions a layer beneath his beautifully crafted novella which leaves you pondering deeply.

Deep down I knew perfectly well that it doesn’t much matter whether you die at thirty or at seventy, since in either case other men and women will naturally go one albedt – and for thousands of years.

Let’s take the beginning of the novel in which Meursault’s mother dies in the Home. This book touched on a lot of things that annoy me about society, mainly the need to cling to misconceptions when confronted with an individual or circumstance that can’t be neatly cataloged as a “type” or doesn’t fall into a inflexibly prefabricated black-or-white category.

But I expected Meursault to find some sort of closure in the acceptance of death as a necessary and meaningful event. I appreciated the opportunity to judge that which I cannot stand in a cathartic, safely isolated way.

Sembra questo il dubbio che Camus vuole insinuarci. For one thing he only cares about himself.

He would have enough memories to keep him from being bored. These people, his late mother’s aged fiance, the pimp, his angry boss, the girlfriend who loves him, the mistress who fights back, the Arabs full of thoughts of revenge, the religious lawyer, are full of passion. Strabac many people haven’t cried at a loved one’s funeral, only to crumble under the emotional weight days or weeks or months later after some mundane event hammers home the finality alberh loss?


I didn’t feel anything except that he was beginning to annoy me. If you like that kind of stuff, this alberrt a gold mine. It set off the trigger. Camus describes Meursault, the main character, only sparingly; and for the majority of the novel Meursault holds no real opinion about anything, and neither does anything even the death of his own mother effect him very much.

Or alberh his violent pimp of a neighbour wants him to compose a letter to his mistress that is meant to result in extreme nastiness towards her but backfireshe will act.

Stranac : Albert Kami :

But freedom or imprisonment, it’s all the same to him. His lack of emotion means he is not immersed in situations, throwing his whole self into things as the very emotional people around him do. Why is it so difficult for the staggering masses to extend the courtesy and minimal exertion of critical thinking to appreciate and be educated by a deviation from the norm? Meursault is an ordinary enough office clerk, with a strange kind of anti-social sincerity that the reader immediately encounters in the first two sentences, one of the most famous opening lines in literature.

Whether it was now or twenty years from now, I would still be the one dying. Whether you like humor, philosophy, need to read a classic for a challenge or just for street cred, whether you have an interest in reading a French novel – this book is good for so many purposes. As odd though probably unsurprising, given the nature of my reviews as it is to say, I found a certain kinship with Meursault.

Often old folks cry and despair upon being put in a Home, but after a few months they have friends, they have bingo every Sunday and movie-night every Friday, they have their friends, they have their flirtations, and everything is fine.

Perhaps it does, since if it is not so then there is no difference between jury and a killer. Once he doesn’t conform to these measures, he is marginalized and called “inhuman”; this is an attempt on the part of the others to rationalize their own ways of life and understandings. In fact, this is not the case — he ends up at the point in his life where he has no idea if he will be freed or not.

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The albetr interesting part of the book to me was the very end, the conversation with the priest.

Stranac : Srpske Knjige

Couldn’t he see, couldn’t he see that? Of course he has no interest in God or religion and hearing him argue with the priest and alberg the uber-religious magistrate was too funny.

Meursault flatly states that he cannot do this because it is untrue and he’s not going to say something that isn’t true.

To feel it so like me, so like a brother, in fact, I understood that I had been happy, and I was still happy. Rather, like its fruits, its savor is a mixture of the acid and the sweet, the apples of its second Eden have the tartness of experience.

His way of caring is to be honest. Did Meursault love his mother, was he in the circle of criminals, and other moral characteristics of the man seem to be the deciding factor of his fate, a trial that reads like a Holy decision into either Heaven or Hell while actually being a decision that would remove him from stramac worldly courtroom to the immortal courtroom, if that is to be believed certainly by the lawyers but denied by Meursault.

This, here and now, is all there is, he says, but although he says that, he wants more. If they have sinned, you would expect them to ask forgiveness. Of semi-proletarian parents, early attached to intellectual circles of strongly revolutionary tendencies, with a deep interest in philosophy only chance prevented him from pursuing a university career in that kamiihe came to France at the age of twenty-five. Kill them long before they are even dead. But everybody knows life isn’t worth living.

A few months later and she would have cried if she’d been taken out.

The Priest who comes to him at the end is actually quite certain that he will be freed. This ends up getting him in trouble – that, and not being able to understand basic neurotypical emotions. Emotionless, he undergoes the arrest and steanac consequent process, calmly accepting the inevitability of his destiny.