Find great deals for ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Feb 13, I have pm’d you Tony. Very kind offer much appreciated. By the by, do you recommend any other metering assistance for determining exposure. Jun 19, Ilford EM10 Exposure Meter. Anyone have any experience using this meter. On a whim I bought one off of ebay for $20 delivered. It arrived.

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In fact, if it has blinking lights, beeping noises or a flashing LCD display, I usually can’t live without it. Not only can you use the meter to zero in on the correct density setting for an unknown negative, you can also use it to allow you to change magnifications and still produce prints that exactly match in density.

For negative printing, choose the brightest area of the image on the base-board still showing detail. As long as I’m using same paper, I can determine the proper exposure setting for other negatives by adjusting aperture till light turns green.

Calibration; can be done by using em100 of two methods.

ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed

If you are going to use the EM with color paper, then you have to remember to always use it in relatively light areas of the projected image. Record the dial position in case the dial is wm10 moved. Using a mask, make four 10x It will NOT tell dm10 what the correct exposure or contrast is for any print. Find all posts by Dave miller. Hope this helps somebody. Note the correct exposure time and the calibration number.


Leave this field blank. I searched this site and the Ilford web site but with no luck. Ilford EM10 Exposure Monitor. Be the first to review this item.

ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed | eBay

The EM10 enlarging exposure monitor exposure meter appears to have been on sale until relatively recently Log in or register to post comments. Due to variations caused by using slightly different crop me10 each negative and variations in lighting on each subject, the time for each print will be slightly different. Switch on the monitor and adjust the enlarger lens aperture until the green Wm10 is lit. This page last modified: The following edited notes come from the camerashopnbuy website.

I was just looking for the same thing yesterday, and have fortunately found it in an old usenet forum. Again, measure with no safe light on. The warm up and cool down of the lamp is not replicated by giving one 8 second exposure and that makes a very noticeable difference ildord the print.

When I print with a dichroic enlarger, I always try to use an exposure time of 10 sec. The battery needs to be changed only when the LEDs are dim. To decrease the light level, choose a larger f-number. Switch on the monitor and adjust the ek10 lens aperture until the green LED is lit.

But, at least you’ll know how close to correct the camera exposure was. I must give it a go someday. See any errors on this page? Method Two, If you have a slide or negative of known exposure for a particular enlargement: Shen Hao with lens, meter, dev tanks etc.

Select a slide or a negative, typical of those you wish to print. While the instructions read “adjust the calibration knob until the green LED is lit” what they meant to say was – adjust the aperture ring on your enlarging lens until the LED is lit.


Speaking of slides, the EM works just as well when printing slides as when printing negatives. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Set the calibration knob to the calibration number on the base of the monitor.

In color work, pre-glow and afterglow can cause endless color balance problems if you use too short of an exposure time. It cannot however be used as a colour analyser. The theoretically correct exposure level for any given photographic paper and negative combination can easily be determined. Vaughn Oct 27, Adjust the enlarger lens aperture until the green light is lit.

With EM10 I can save paper, chemistry and my time. In my experiance the best range of enlarlging meters on the market today are the R.

Ilford Electronic Darkroom Equipment

Jersey Channel Islands Posts: Insert the negative to be printed in the enlarger and focus. They are the settings used for each particular tone value that Dm10 want to measure. Morgan who offered kind and sage advice concerning my ongoing printing issues. Ilford EM10 Exposure Meter? At that point, you have the exact density needed to make the print.

Find all posts by kennethcooke. Thanks, Rick — I tried to link directly to the PDF but failed — I did not read the instructions as I have never used one of those beasties.