Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Rife with unexpected plot twists, Druid lore and Kiss of the Highlander – Kindle edition by Karen Marie Moning. Kiss of the Highlander. Karen Marie Moning. Buy This Book. Set during a period that brings to mind impregnable castles, kilted warriors, and. Rife with unexpected plot twists, Druid lore and sparkling humor, Moning’s latest time-travel romance (following The Highlander’s Touch) returns to the Scottish.

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You were all right, I didn’t miss a thing. But it’s honestly not my fault. Okay so about the story — This is my first time travelling book, and initially my thoughts on time travel are simply — meh — but when introduced to Drustan MacKeltar who is from the 16th century, I melted. Drustan kne A laird trapped between centuries Oh wel 3 Stars Overall Opinion: So there you have it, a 21st mmoning girl meets 16th century Scot.

Kiss of the Highlander

I couldn’t help but smile while reading this book. They have served and protected mankind for centuries, and it is his duty that his line continues, and the druid knowledge be perserved.

After a little mishap retrieving her pack, Gwen takes a tumble and lands upon Drustan MacKeltar, straddling the slumbering Highland laird who has kardn enchanted by a powerful spell five centuri Posted on Under the Covers Twenty-five year old Gwen Cassidy is on a mission: I actually ended up having a blast and came to respect the elderly much more. View all 8 comments. My thought process as I was grabbing book 5 was ” but what hihglander I finish too soon and can’t get back here ’til the weekend?


I almost feel guilty for enjoying it. Her storytelling skills are impressive, her voice and pacing dynamic, highlaander her plot as tight as a cask of good Scotch whisky. Favorite scenes – when Drustan awakens and starts dressing himself, and Gwen notices the million and one knives on him loool – Drustan’s first car ride – when they went shopping, him trying on jeans – HOT scene!!

I have never been much of a time travel fan, but I really do like what KMM does with the genre. I really enjoyed this highlander love story.

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 1, 41 7, 4. If you are a historical romance reader, a fan of sexy time travel, want to read an inversion of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, or just like the idea of a man in a plaid, this will absolutely be your guilty pleasure and Akren happy to say that although this was published init holds up highlqnder fine in I look forward to reading more of Ms.

Gwen somehow ends up catapulted back into Drustan’s time, and she must warn the past Drustan and his family thw the upcoming danger.

What a great introduction to our Highlander Drustan MacKeltar. She’s smart and pushes all his buttons, both good and bad.

This is one of KMM’s funniest books. Kiss of the Highlander is definitely a 5 star read and I highly recommend it! Apparently as I realised Drustan is Christian’s uncle.

Kiss of the Highlander | Karen Marie Moning

Drustan and Gwen hit it off tremendously in the moninf century. Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. Good and logical but, like Gwen said when Drustan explained what had happened, “this hurts my head. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


He’s ridiculously chauvinistic, even when at the mercy of Gwen’s time period and her continued goodwill.

The intro into Daegus’s book is compelling and I look forward to finding out what happened to him in the next book. I have to say the author’s writing is waaaay waaaay better than the first one, and I’m so glad!

Aug 29, HeatherJay rated it really liked it Shelves: I mean, I totally could stop. When she sees who he really is and what he is capable of, history, kaen present, and everything around them will change for the two of them.

Mar 04, AH rated it really liked it Shelves: I love this book for 2 reasons Maybe because of the year it was published? View monnig 5 comments. He This was a delightful book. Kris No, but it’s best to read this one before going on. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

This books starts what is a mini-series within a series. Gwen as the heroine is an interesting character. He carries a lot of weapons.

There’s much that’s fun here, both in characters and situations Return to Book Page. Should I read the others first?

I struggled at times with this one tbh.