In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer in English for the very first time all four volumes of Herman. This magnum opus of the renowned Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is now fully translated into English. Includes a combined index of all four volumes as well. Drawing from the church fathers and medieval thinkers, Bavinck engages Roman Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volumes () by Herman Bavinck.

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John Vriend Continue reading about John Vriend.

Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 1 | Baker Publishing Group

As one who has read the entire 4-volume Dutch work from cover to cover times, I can attest to the fine job of editing and translating John Bolt and John Vriend have done, respectively. The dogmatcis of both made his work famous, and studying his work fruitful also for a new generation.

John Bolt has performed a great service by his editorial introductions and notes in the English translation.

My library Help Advanced Book Bavinxk. Frame, professor of systematic theology and philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary “This is one of those seminal works that embodies a significant portion of our Reformed theological heritage. Although written over a century ago, Reformed Dogmatics still addresses contemporary theological issues. The Method and Organization. This is a cause for rejoicing. Bolt provides us with highly helpful and pertinent comments in each of the chapters of material.

Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volume Set

Of special interest is Bavinck’s insightful critique of the role of apologetics in establishing certainty in faith. The reader will be amazed by Bavinck’s erudition, creativity, and balance. The Ground of Faith. Volume One which consists of Prolegomena lays the foundation for what follows in the remaining volumes with an almost encyclopaedic thoroughness.

Fogmatics appearance of this volume, with the remaining three planned to follow in the near future, will be an incomparable boon for generations of students, pastors, teachers, and others, serving to deepen understanding and enrich reflection in both historical and systematic theology. I pray that the appearance of this volume signals the beginnings of a Bavinck revival!


Two Kinds of Faith. Furthermore, he fully grasps the Sitz im Leben o f his own times. Bavinck’s life and thought reflect a serious effort to be pious, orthodox, and thoroughly contemporary. Kreider, Bibliotheca Sacra “The theological world has been blessed by being the recipients of the translation of. To pietists fearful of the modern world on one hand and to critics of orthodoxy skeptical about its continuing relevance on the other, Bavinck’s example dogmaticw a model answer: His critical interaction refomed Enlightenment thinkers is a helpful, contextualized model for theology in the post-Enlightenment world, making this a very timely work.

At the same time Bavinck was not simply a chronicler of his own church’s past teaching. Solid but lucid, demanding but satisfying, broad and deep and sharp and stabilizing, Bavinck’s magisterial Reformed Dogmatics remains after a century the supreme achievement of its kind. The translation of these volumes into English is a welcome addition to the resources for study of Reformed theology.

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Ongoing work in systematic theology will not advance much if it neglects to wrestle honestly and frequently with the gems in this great work. These are the classic priorities of Reformed theology, and they–and we–are deepened and advanced in Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. These volumes have been anticipated by the theological world for a long time and now that they are reformex, it would behoove every professor, theological student, Elder, and serious Dovmatics to bavunck them.

The strength of Bavinck’s Dogmatics is that it’s neither conservative nor progressive, but its biblical character makes it constantly up-to-date. Bavinck is confessionally orthodox, but he recognizes the need to rethink the traditional formulations from Scripture in the context of contemporary discussion.

Editor John Dogmatcs characterizes the work as follows: Bavinck is one of the premier Reformed theologians, but till now much of his magnum opus has not been accessible to English-language readers.

It has shaped generations of theologians and helped them to preach, think, and act on a fresh, Reformed basis. Like Augustine, Calvin, and Edwards, Bavinck was a man eeformed giant mind, vast learning, ageless wisdom, and great expository skill, and to have his first volume now in full English, with a promise of the other three to come, is a wonderful enrichment.


Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volume Set

This quick overview gives the reader a rather good idea of the content and flow of the book and allows the reader to determine which chapters and sections are of greatest interest or relevance.

This masterful theological work is now available to passionate students of theology. Selected pages Title Page. It not only is encompassing in content but also shows everywhere a profound insight into the basic problems that a Reformed theology has to face and a deep sensitivity for modern culture. Bolt’s tireless work updating the documentation augments this significant work. Bavinck comes across as a remarkably gifted and creative guide to the contemporary landscape.

Baker Academic- Religion – pages.

As done in the Divine and Human Logos. Bavinck’s approach throughout is meticulous, though he wears his vast learning lightly. This is not easy reading, but the effort is worthwhile to mine the depths of Bavinck’s comprehensive and thoughtful summary of the Dutch Reformed tradition. All of Bavinck’s own footnotes have been retained and updated in form, and the subparagraph numbers of the second Dutch edition and following editions have reflrmed been retained in this edition.

He is the editor of Bavinck’s four-volume Reformed There is no doubting the fact [this volume] represent[s] systematic theological reflection of monumental significance. You will only be the richer for studying Bavinck’s theology.

These four volumes demonstrate the importance and mastery of Bavinck’s own contribution to Reformed theology, while dogmatice a useful and striking point of comparison with the best-known twentieth-century Reformed dogmatics, that of Karl Barth. I have found it to be the most valuable.

As he moves throughout the subject of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augustine, John Calvin, Francis Turretin, and Charles Hodge.

These are at once relatively concise and sufficiently detailed, enabling the reader initially to peruse only these recormed.