47 — Oppression — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-SEVEN –. OPPRESSION. Other titles: Exhaustion, The Symbol of Repression and Confinement, Adversity. I Ching Hexagram 47 – The embarrassment – Circumstances or appearances play a negative role. Justifying oneself is useless, one will be understood later. Archetype Oppression. CR P02 C47 A Therefore they set taskmasters over them to oppress them with forced labor. They built supply cities, Pithom and.

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With dried branches entangling the lower part of his body, he enters a gloomy valley. There is regret because of regretting action; good fortune is to go. Often more is learned from the sour than from the sweet. Do not trust what people are telling you.

The mind is on something lower. One which equals it is the “death of initiation. One does not want to continue but they can succeed. Exhaustion develops the righteous.

I Ching Hexagram 47

He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves. He does not yet attain his will. The Superior Man risks his life hexagrwma carry out his will. Friends or no friends??? For three years he encounters no one. Self-pity is hinted at, as well as lack of clarity.


El hexagrama 47 es llamado 困 (k’un), “La Desazón”. | I CHING | Pinterest | I ching, Tarot and Tao

The man is apparently well off but is actually inwardly depressed. The distress is drawing to an end. Entering into his palace, and hexagram seeing his wife; inauspicious. Respect them and you achieve everything you desire. The fourth line, dynamic, shows its subject proceeding very slowly to help the subject of the first line, who is straitened by the carriage adorned with metal in front of him. Therefore superior people use life to the full and achieve their aim. He is enslaved by wine and food.

Since both bodies of water tend to move downward, eventually the Lake is drained. The man is oppressed by stone. Nose and feet cut off, exhausted hexagarma a regal robe, etc. Hhexagrama slowly, entangled in the metal chariot; distress; there is an end.

They are inborn, and in the same way all that you will ever need to survive blossoms from within. Be open and provide what is needed. Thanks Rodokin, and all Much to think on and I will continue to try to understand the other issues I asked about from Anyone who has ever seen alkali flats in the desert can hexagrma understand this metaphor for Oppression — almost nothing can live in such an environment.


Harvest the crop by inaugurating new developments. Solve problems and bring out the best in others.

Major confusion over to 47!

The offering can be allowing the ego needs to fall away so uexagrama you connect with a spiritual perspective. You do not know who your friends are and the words of authorities are not to be trusted. The rock is often a symbol of eternity, and is seen as a dwelling place for spiritual beings, hence: There will be occasion for regret, but the end will be good.

You will soon find supportive friends.

The written Chinese character of Oppression presents us with the picture of a tree within an enclosure.