The Zhouyi cantong qi JUMrHfp]^ (“Token of the Agreement of the Three in Accordance with the Book of Changes”) illustrates another facet of the links between. The Zhouyi cantong qi 周易參同契 “Token for the agreement of the Three according to the Book of Changes”, shortly called Cantongqi, is the most important. To Yoshiko Contents Preface, ix Introduction, 1 The Title of the Cantong qi, 2 A At least thirty-eight commentaries to the Cantong qi written through the end of.

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Qian, Kun, Kan, Li. Yu Yan —dating from Changes are quoted or echoed in zh. In the Cantong qi and in the texts that adopt its system, the One of the xiantian is represented by lead. These four states are defined by two distinct series of terms. The precosmic and cosmic aspects of Yin and Yang are now joined again to one another: However, my book is complete, and I cannot change it.

The Main Text Except for a few passages in prose, Books 1 and 2 are made of rhymed verses in four or five characters. Chinese alchemy employs various sets of representations to refer to its doctrinal principles. Unity here is not represented by Soil, which stands for the joining of Qian and Kun per se, but by Water, the first agent in the cosmogonic sequence see section To know the White keep to the Black and the divine light will come of its own.

Chinese Literature – Zhouyi cantong qi 周易參同契 ()

The opening section of the Cantong qi refers to this: Once cantkng, or recognized, the “particle of Primordial Breath,” which corresponds to the Philosopher’s Stone xantong Western alchemists, should be projected onto matter to transmute it back into its pristine condition. From the Cantong qi. And the Numinous Light will come of its own.

This version divides the sections in verses of 4 characters from those in verses of 5 characters, following a suggestion that was first given by Yu Yan in his commentary of Titres des ouvrages Paris: Their re-union generates manifestation and change, or the houtian. We may conclude, therefore, by saying that camtong Cantong qi was composed in different stages, perhaps from the Han period onward, and did not reach a form substantially similar to the present one before ca.


cantongg Liu Zhigu provides a synopsis of the Cantong qi and its first neidan interpretation, and, in doing so, quotes passages found in the three juan, or pian, of the received version. Don’t have an account? Positioned at the center of the other agents, it is emblematic of Unity containing True Yin and True Yang. Other commentators, including Lu Xixingrevised in and Zhu Yuanyubased their texts on other redactions.

Cantong qi – Wikipedia

Closely associated in content with the system of the Book of Changes Yijing JalM and formally attached to this and canrong other Classics, xantong apocrypha were primarily concerned with the principles that regulate the functioning of the cosmos and thus were intended to direct the course of the sovereign’s actions.

In accordance with this view, the ruler is often mentioned in the cosmological portions of the Cantong qi. As he pointed out, no extant alchemical work dating from the Han period is based on the doctrinal principles of the Cantong qior uses its cosmological model and its language Chen Guofu, The Fenzhang tong zhenyi, nonetheless, maintains its standing as a watershed between the earlier and the later recensions, for most of which it served as textual basis.

Once again, let me remind that Noreen Khawaja deserves my gratitude, and all due credit, for innumerable corrections and suggestions that have improved this translation. In waidan as well time is brought back to its origin by recreating within the crucible conditions similar to those prevailing before manifestation.

Li and kan of the houtian are compared here to walls that enclose the authentic yin and yang of xiantian. Each chapter is dedicated to one of these traditions, although they can never clearly separated: See the complete index.

The task of the Cantong qi is not to describe alchemical practices, as many other canttong do, but to show how the practice of alchemy can comply with the principles of metaphysics and cosmology. Trigrams and hexagrams are used to represent single phases within these cycles.


This distinction is drawn from the perspective of the former path, and conforms to principles set forth in the Daode jing and elaborated on in the Zhuangzi. The male trigram H EE, vice versa, is associated with the Sun but incorporates a yin broken line, matching the Stem ji S wi the female aspect of the One.

Books 1 and 2: Original portions fourth century bce, completed in the second century bce. Steve Galloway5 years ago 4 min read At the begin- ning of the month, Heaven assigns Zhen the task of ruling over the first stage of the newly-born time cycle the initial five days and the corresponding sector of space East.

Daoism and Alchemy in Early Medieval China. This reversal makes for the inversion that takes place with the shift from xiantian to houtian.

The Seal of the Unity of the Three

The Cantong qi devotes much attention to practices deemed to be inadequate for true realization. It is enough to read that section with attention to notice that the criticism is not addressed to Waidan per se, but to the Waidan cantonb that are not based on the conjunction of lead and mercury. Commentaries, Essays, and Related Works.

The three things are one family: At the time of Emperor Huan of the Later Han r. On the basis of this definition, a set of principles is derived that serve to establish the cosmological science of alchemy, described elsewhere in the Cantong qi. As shown in the appendix below, the original version of this work was associated with both corpora.

This reading of the word can was first explicitly suggested in the commentary by Yu Yanand was later accepted by several other commentators and authors. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. My comments are in two forms: