anyone know where i can get one? i searched the net and didnt find anything. even ibanez’s website had manuals for just about everything but. I have one, the manual doesnt really explain it. If you understand how a wah works you should be able to figure it out with just tweaking. servic manual for WD7 – Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah question.

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Chris Sobottka That’s one thing that kind of disappointed me, as it had a lot of other variations, but it didn’t really allow you to control the high end, which is really the only thing missing.

Moen GEC 8 Jr.

Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon. How do I power all of my pedals? I won’t elaborate on manuaal here; just check them out on the Ibanez website.

ibanez wd7 wah manual – Ultimate Guitar

But for the price, you definitely can’t go wrong here. Just start with it off, strum, and gradually move it until you hit a “sweet spot” The second know controls the range of mqnual filter, giving you either a subtle or an enormous sound. See the reviews below dessous. For other stuff I like Teese and Fulltone wahs.


Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah review | MusicRadar

Best Price Guarantee – learn more. Be kind to others. For a picture of a single pedal please add the name of the pedal to the title so people can search for it later!

Sort by most recent most useful. In true Tone-Lock style the control knobs for level, Q and Low frequency boost can be first set and then pushed into the unit to keep them safe from accidental adjustment. It seems they thought of a lot of different things when using this pedal.

Set up is confusing A little aside, at one point the input w7 on mine came loose and gave me some trouble, but I did a little tooling and got it back to normal again.

It doesn’t have a huge range though. They’re used to store all kind of stuff like guitar picks, spare batteries, and slides. Ibanea modes with that big ass lever, and it’s comes on through the footswitch. You can set the time at which the pedal is off once back in its normal position. You can read about it here. This is a heavy-duty wah, has a lot going on.


I use it on all my guitars with the same pleasure. Most recently discussed products: Like a car accelerator 3 buttons to adjust volume, intensity and frequency of the effect. But even better is the dw7 to switch between auto-return and footswitch modes. It’s made of metal not plastic.

Ibanez WD7 Wah Guitar Effect Pedal

This wah is feature packed. The range of vowel sounds, even when maxed out feels just a tad narrow too. Trs is versatile, solid, enjoyable to watch. But it completes my whole head behringer gmx and my epiphone les paul classic, but I think it goes better with my active micro Charvel Jackson Model 6. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.