Develop INEO Equivalent Cross-Reference Guide – Free Shipping for Orders Over $ Develop Ineo Photocopier from Photocopiers R Us – Canon Copiers – Canon Photocopiers. DEVELOP INEO – laser MFP – cartridges –

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Page margins For details, refer to page Detail For details when printing from a computer, refer to the user manual for the printer driver. Make sure that the paper is not curled rolled. Copy Setting 2 Be sure that the paper guides are slid up against the edges of the loaded paper.

A4- or B5-size paper is used.

Develop ineo User Guide |

Press the [Finishing] key. PC drum 2 Pull down the fusing unit release levers. To dispose of used toner bottles, contact your service representative. If a thin double-sided document is being copied, the information on the back side may be reproduced in the copy.

Develop TN-114 Black Toner (11,000 pages)

Overload could result in a fire. These settings serve as a reference for all functions.


Place the document face down on the glass. This is a semiconductor laser. Indicates that the manual bypass tray or the multi bypass tray is selected.

Develop Ineo 213

Jneo Off The Machine Before using this machine, be sure to read the user manual thoroughly in order to ensure that you use the machine efficiently. Dette en halvleder laser. Press the key again to cancel Interrupt mode and return to the mode before Interrupt mode was entered.

Replace the toner bottle with a new one. Auto Paper Select The copy is blurry. Otherwise, the document feeder is raised.

Precautions on double-sided copying Is a double-sided document being copied? Refer to “Replacing the toner bottle” on page If the default paper drawer is selected in Utility mode, that paper drawer is selected as a default.

Lneo Of Manual Conventions Use of an adapter leads to the product connecting to inadequate power supply voltage, current capacity, groundingand may result in fire or shock.

Load the paper with the side to be printed on facing down, lightly sliding the paper as much as ieo into the feed slot. The product may also be damaged or malfunction. Precautions Concerning Documents Use of any other toner bottle may cause damage to the machine.


Develop ineo Manuals

Automatically Conserving Energy power Save Mode Otherwise you can not pull out the power plug when an emergency occurs.

Detail For details on the number of pages that can loaded into the multi bypass tray optionalrefer to page inneo Part name Description 22 [Fax] key Press to enter Fax mode.

iineo Sequence Of Action Postcards Overhead projector transparencies Label sheets Envelopes Manual bypass tray 1 sheet 1 sheet 1 sheet 1 Multi bypass tray 20 sheets 20 sheets 20 sheets 10 1st paper drawer 20 sheets 20 sheets 20 sheets 10 2nd paper drawer — — — — 3rd paper drawer — — — — 4th paper drawer — — — — 5th paper drawer — — — — —: Be careful not to touch the surface of the image transfer roller.