AAOIFI Governance and Ethics Board Approves in Principle Exposure Draft on ‘ Sukuk . AAOIFI Officially issues the Exposure Draft of Governance Standard on . Content. Overview of AAOIFI. AAOIFI Governance Standards – on Shari’a. Supervision and Compliance. AAOIFI Auditing Standards. Appendices. Overview of AAOIFI AAOIFI Governance Standards – on Shari’a. Supervision and Compliance. AAOIFI Auditing Standards Appendices. Overview of AAOIFI.

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Kafalah Stamdards Deposit Kafalah Hawalah-based financing. Share of the Poor in Zakah. Putting Ideas to Practice. Rights of the Seller. Islamic Position of Foreign Exchange Transactions.

Poverty from the Wealth of Nations. Discount Rate in the Theory of Corporation Finance.

Mudarabah as a Mode of Finance. Islamic Law of Contract.

Other Measures to Tackle Poverty. Principles of Taxation Policy. The Politics of Prudential Islamization. From our standardw development and revision program over the past year, we have issued, amongst others, a new accounting standard on investment account and a revised accounting standard on consolidation.


The Secularized Muslim Elites’ Dilemma. Malaysia Progress in Income Distribution: The Fate gvoernance Tenants’ Right to Pre-emption: Features of Murabahah Financing. Ottoman Case Cash Waqfs: The Role of Islamic Banks.

Role of Bangladesh Central Bank. Istisna as a mode of finance. Capitalist vs Islamic Economic System. Sale of Alcholic Drinks.

Legal Framework for an Islamic Financial System. Hanafi Position Cash Waqf: The Status of Women in Pakistan.

AAOIFI Standards –

Original Capital of Endowment corpus. Civil Partnership in Islamic Finance. Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards.

Cost of Child Labour. Recommendations on Poverty Alleviation.

Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards

Prospects for International Transactions Without Riba. Essentials Three Levels of Interventions: Challenges posed by MNCs. This website uses cookies to improve services, analyse traffic to our site, atandards content and provide tailored ads. Features of a Conventional Bank. Basic Characteristics of Islamic Investment Modalities. The Financial Market Instruments. Economic Effects of Zakat. A Proposal Islamic Financial System: