WBR RangeBooster G Router. Downloads; FAQs; Videos; Specifications. For access to the right downloads, please select the correct hardware revision for . WBR RangeBooster G Wireless Router. FAQs; Videos; Downloads; Specifications. For access to the right downloads, please select the correct hardware. Get D-Link WBR – Wireless G Router manuals and user guides. UPC – If this option is checked, the SSID of the WBR willSurvey utilities so your.

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This will start the setup process for your router’s internet connection and administrator account. Turn off or unplug your modem. Use the following syntax: When entering the IP address of d-llnk D-Link router It may take seconds to connect to the wireless network.

Open your web browser and see if you can load web pages.

The replacement hardware need not be new or have an identical make, model or part. Click the “Wireless Settings” menu in the left frame. You’ll need to indicate your current timezone for accurate logs and time-based router settings. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. Obtain two Ethernet cables for the setup process.

The Ping Test is used to send Ping packets to test if a computer is on the Internet. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your D-Link router in the address bar. Check the type of alert you want logged. Select the application you want to use and enable it. Make sure that you aren’t connected to any other networks, such as another wireless network. Click Apply Settings to save your settings. If your wireless router uses JumpStart, please check the adapter for instructions.


To verify your IP address, please follow the steps below. It may take a few tries to initially connect to the Internet. If you don’t see the LAN light, make sure that your computer is connected via Ethernet to one of the LAN ports on the router, and that it is turned on. If you can’t turn the power off, unplug the power cable from the back of the modem. If you’re logging in to change your settings after already setting up the router, skip down to the Adjusting Settings section.

Power on the modem. Click Setup Wizard to launch the wizard. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1.

D-Link RangeBooster G WBR-2310 User Manual

Connect an Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports of the router and connect it to your other router. In the “Advanced” tab, select “Advanced Network”.

Enter the websites that you want to block access to, and then enable the filter. Page 18 Click -dlink to save your settings.

Turn the manuao power back on or plug it back in. Power on the router. Registration Appendix F – Registration Registration Product registration is entirely voluntary and failure to complete or return this form will not diminish your warranty rights. Please allow minutes to connect. D-Link is the worldwide leader and award winning designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking products.

This section will show you the different levels of security you can use to protect your data from intruders. Your wireless settings will be saved, and the wireless network will be enabled. Contact your internet service provider if you are unsure.

Check All Day – 24hrs or enter a start and end time wbf-2310 your schedule. You can configure your router using any web browser on the computer that’s connected to the router. If this login information doesn’t work, manuzl means that someone else has changed the login details. All the wireless devices, or clients, will connect to the wireless router or access point. Connect the router’s power supply on the back and plug it into the wall.


D-Link may, at its option, replace the defective Hardware or any part thereof with any reconditioned product that D-Link reasonably determines is substantially equivalent or superior in all material respects to the defective Hardware.


Blocking the Ping may provide some extra security from hackers. Check the manuql Wireless” box. Select your time zone from the drop-down menu and then click Next to continue. Some laptops may not have an Ethernet port, but nearly every desktop computer should have one.

The process varies depending on the device, but generally you’ll select your wireless name from the list of available networks and then enter the password you created. If you need to change the settings for your wireless network, you can do so from the “Wireless Settings” section of the “Setup” tab.

Any URL with x-link keyword in it will be blocked. This should open the login page for your the web management.

Dlink WBR-2310 User Manual

Enter a name for the network. Only click this if the MAC Address field is empty. Create an administrator password. This is the Ethernet port closes to the power connector on the back of the router.