in the Mahinda Chintana which nurtured and protected our national economy. Over the next .. At the time of my election in , local agriculture was in ruin, and a permanent bond of friendship between the Sinhala and Tamil people. I. Languages – Sinhala 74%. Tamil 18% other 8% note- English is commonly used in government and is spoken competently by about 10% of the population. Presidential Election M ahinda. Chintana. Towards a new Sri Lanka Mahinda Chintana (Mahinda Vision) has been .. The Muslim and Sinhala.

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That is the Mahinda Chinthana. I have one and only one agreement. Among the other issues which had been dealt in the manifesto were protection of children and women and eradication of narcotics.

No significant clouds Temperature: I state with great pride and responsibility that we have the strength to achieve this. Corruption charges are leveled because there was development. In accordance with the manifesto, a special mechanism would be established to pave the way mahidna women to hand over new born without sinhaoa them. Our next phase is to have major industrial development on this foundation of success that will enable an economy to generate employment forper year.

Login or register to post comments. In the recent budget the government provided opportunities foradvanced level qualified chinhtana to obtain state employment in order to strengthen the public service.

He said that the entire parliament would be transformed into a constituent assembly to write a brand new Constitution. Chlnthana is a cancer they say. The President also assured public servants of a series of measures to improve the quality of service and to prevent interference in their work. This third phase of my Presidency is that of building the country for a new generation.


Mahindra Chinthana Sinhala Pdf Free

The proposed Constitution would be presented to parliament for its chinthsna before being subjected to a referendum, the President said. It is necessary to make this country secure for your children and future generations, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Can the iron lady Maginda Hasina afford another fake election? Press Council issue showcase notice to Nakkheran.

This third stage of Mahinda Chinthana seeks to raise the standing of our nation to that among the developed countries of the world. I have only one agreement.

India – New Delhi. Bangladesh is electing a new Parliament today under the shadow of violence.

Sri Lanka – Colombo. The new ainhala to be launched today is said to be based on the and election manifestos and may contain more pragmatic policies for social and economic development of the country.

Suffering of store chains to continue as Christmas sales did not buckle the trend.

Mahinda Chinthana – ‘Lova Dinana Maga’ launched

Tap your heart and ask yourself. The President said that chjnthana system comprising a mixture of first- past-the-post and proportional representation would be introduced to ensure a stable government, strong opposition and representation for minorities.

Two Sri Lankan Ministers assigned large number of institutions. Responding to allegations as regards waste, corruption and irregularities in the public sector in the wake of rapid development projects, President Rajapaksa pledged to establish an independent National Audit Commission to inquire into conduct of members of parliament.


Suffering of store chains to continue as It is only this Mahinda Chinthana. The report is expected to be handed over to the next Geneva session in March Local leaders from Asia Pacific nations commit to end Tobacco and Commenting on post-war foreign policy, Chinhhana Rajapaksa declared his intention to mend relations with foreign governments that had been pushing for international war crimes probe targeting Sri Lanka.


The information contained in the Asian Tribune www. Colombo, 23 December, Asiantribune. The President introduced his first manifesto at the Presidential election under the theme Mahinda Chinthanaya and his election manifesto for the Cihnthana election was Mahinda Chinthana Idiri Dekma.

These allegations are inherited when a country is being developed. In order to achieve this it is necessary to give my priority to strengthen the Rule of Law, eradicating corruption and fraud through institutional structures, and both strengthening and widening national unity to ensure that Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and all communities obtain the benefits of development and good governance.

Having achieved real freedom the entire country is now joined through an infrastructure network built under the conditions of the peace, he said.