Bachelor of Science [] (Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality In those 3 years a student has to go through theory subjects as well as practical. I – SEMESTER –I: BOTANY PRACTICAL SYLLABUS. Paper-I: Microbial Diversity, Algae and Fungi. Total hours of laboratory Exercises 30 hrs @ 2 per. Job options for BSc (BZC) They have a wide range of options available in terms of subjects, topics, fields and other associated as mentioned above to pursue.

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Sc Biotechnology, Zoology and Computer Applications. Sc Industrial Micro Biology B.

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Biology) – Syllabus

Sc 3 Yrs Tech Common Syllabus for all branches-1st Year B. A Mathematics, Economics and Computer Applications. Log in with Google. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Biotechnology. Com Corporate Secretary Ship B. Dyllabus in Architecture M. D in Law M.


Dynamics of a system of particles, Conservation of momentum and energy, work energy theorem, Special Theory of Relativity, Waves and Oscillations, Membrane Systems and Membrane Physics. Log in with Facebook.

Understand the heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics. Sc Mathematics, Physics and Computer Applications. D in Engineering Ph. Students are advised to visit the official website for the latest information.

Thus the College offers ample opportunities for students to study and to get involved in nation-building activities through which eventually, they become responsible citizens with excellent careers. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Biochemistry B. Syllavus Mathematics, Economics and Statistics B. D in Veterinary Science D. A Mathematics, Economics and Commerce B. Rashmi, We need to understand first that what are you studying currently, which exams you are not able to clear and what do you want to study in distance learning.

This course is studied to understand the biological processes for industries especially the genetic manipulation of micro-organisms. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Zoology. Amity Institute of Telecom Technology Management.


D in Agriculture M. Tech Computer Science B.

Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India.

Biology is constructed from 6 semesters with time span of 6 months each, collectively making 3 years. Sc Biotechnology, Chemistry and Computer Applications. I’m not able to clear my subjects i’m back with only 4 marks syklabus i want to do distince learning that too in fast track pattern plz help me.

D in Education M. Reply to this post. A History – Regular B. ZC Group Combinations B. A Bachelor of Computer Application. Understand the scientific study of the physiology, structure, distribution, classification, and importance of plants.