In April , as part of its commitment to becoming more results-oriented, CIDA’s President issued the Results-Based Management in CIDA – Policy Statement. The December CIDA (now Global Affairs Canada) RBM Handbook on Developing Results Chains: The Basics of RBM as Applied to Project Examples. produce a comprehensive, pragmatic and useful guide for RBM tools and operations. CIDA uses RBM to better manage its international development.

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A results chain can be summarized as a series of conditional statements: The RBM Training website explains his approach to training.

Planning in an RBM system is the process of identifying the goals or objectives to be achieved; formulating the strategies cidq achieve them; organizing or creating the means required; and establishing performance measurement frameworks, as well as determining the resources required.

Evidence shows that both planning and achievement of results increasingly receive attention at global, regional and country levels. Buy-in and support for RBM can only be achieved by actively involving staff and stakeholders. Guiee can be useful, not just for people working on CIDA projects but for anyone trying to put together the pieces of a complex project or programme.

Results-based management for international assistance programming: A how-to guide

A results-oriented leadership ensures selection of clear objectives and strategies for the programme, demands information and documentation of results and uses performance information for decision-making. This new Global Affairs Canada Results-Based Management guide is an absolutely necessary tool and reference for anyone working on Canadian aid projects — and it is a practical, very useful resource for anyone who wants clarity on the process of results-based project design.

As donor assistance shrinks and internal financial allocations are shared among competing priorities, managers are challenged to prove that their programmes and projects produce the results that they promise to achieve.

There is no confusion here with results being described as purposes, or goals, terms which, for some agencies, are used almost interchangeably along with Guuide, Outcomes and Results, something that often leads to guidd confusion as implementing agencies, partners and beneficiaries try to describe results, and distinguish them from activities. This document will be of use beyond the primary intended audience which was originally staff of Global Affairs and those working with them on project and project design.


Within each of the pillars described above, methodologies and tools are developed to form the RBM nervous system.

Results-Based Management Tools at CIDA: A How-to Guide

All of this means that a second round of discussions must be undertaken, to discard those indicators for which baseline data are unavailable, dbm just too difficult to collect and agree on new indicators. As part of monitoring, evidence of the reported results should be collected using indicators to verify what is reported.

This is apparently not possible with these forms. The RBM approach shifts away from a focus on inputs, activities and processes to a focus on benefits and achievements that are a direct effect of the intervention. Audio summary 8m of FP2P posts, week beginning 17th December 1 week ago.

A typical inception field trip for an inception period might last weeks, rarely longer, and during this period a theory of change process has to be initiated with all of the major stakeholders, an existing logic model tested and perhaps revised, a detailed work breakdown structure, and risk framework developed, institutional cooperation agreements negotiated, and detailed discussions on a Performance Measurement Framework with a multitude of potential stakeholders completed.

Managers of Canadian aid projects — or anyone involved in project design, regardless of the funding source Most useful: In some cases, such as the template for guire Performance Measure Framework, the links is to a document produced when the agency was still known as CIDA. Suggested Results Reporting Format – emphasizing progress cidz indicators and targets. Committing to results management requires that staff and management be held accountable cira appropriate levels of results.

Global Affairs Canada results chain Level of difficulty: Bilateral donor frameworksDonor agencyGuides guife, Large Projects. There are many external factors that may affect the results of the intervention, especially at outcome and impact levels.


An effective monitoring system is critical to facilitating learning and accountability, which are essential elements of RBM. Cia Post Older Post Home.

This suggested new format puts results up front, in a table, emphasizing indicator data, with room for explanations in text, below.

Most RBM systems include the following processes:.

Are inputs or resources leading cidaa desired activities? I do not find the addition of “Outcomes” – instead of just labeling them results, to be helpful.

Results-Based Management Tools at CIDA: A How-to Guide | Logframer

Learning in an RBM system is a critical and continuous process that occurs throughout the cycle of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, all of which contribute to knowledge creation.

Results-Based Management Training www. Reporting on Outcomes, cid, Limitations: Evaluability Assessment and Results-Based Management: It is a process designed to depict how a complex change initiative will unfold over time.

An example of the Outputs-Activities Matrix after Activities are added. Multiple factors, events, conditions or risks beyond the control of the programme or intervention may negatively influence or threaten the achievement of intended results or changes.

All of these changes are in theory designed to contribute to even longer-term changes in important life issues such as income, food security, health, security, status of women, levels of suffering or human rights. Some elements are of use only in project design, but most can be used in implementation. Most accounting systems do not show the alignment of resources to objectives.

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RBM together with a changing mind-set and culture towards achievement of results is often positioned as an important part of management reform.