THis may be a very dumb question, but how many grippers do I need for the KTA program. I heard someone mention in a post that you need a. Buy the KTA or RRBT grip programs and receive the other one FREE through Black Friday weekend. The KTA Program. I had considered trying out the RRBT and/or KTA programs recently, but upon .. I had been grip training for nearly four years at that point.

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Used to work the last bit of the close. It is a great program and easily digestible. I just wanted to say thank you Bill for creating such a fantastic program. The KTA is ok for someone well seasoned and in need of a boost. That is just the simple truth. He was a whisper away from making history. I am going to CLOSE this gripper and the opening is merely a side effect of you not being strong enough to close it.

It took my “Monkey Paw” and doubled it’s strength. One then resists the opening of the gripper until the gripper either opens the hand or for a certain length of time.

Spring engineers told us that cycles closures should season a gripper fully and the closure pressure should level off. Here is a single thumb close attempt. However, there are a few basics that apply to everyone to maximize your leverage to close that big gripper. Phase 2, Week 1 Phase 2 is much like Phase 1 with two exceptions.

Rrbt & kta – IronMind Forum

Originally Posted by GoJu. The program is hard I lost a lot of skin off my right palm but just taped it and kept ktx. Now I can close the No. My forearms are larger, with muscles present that were not visible before, and my thumb pads are larger.


First day back and I’m grinding the handles on my COC 2. The surgeons recommended amputation to my wife. If anyone is looking for a good program, try KTA.

Try and catch the force by using max force when you start to let it out and then smoothly let it out. He said he had to sit down right afterwards. I bought my first grippers about 13 years ago. Patience is the real key to this program. Originally Posted by John Hicks.

High Frequency Grip Training?

What gripper s can you close completely? Without KTA it would have taken me much longer to close the number three gripper. It is truly miraculous program, I get goose bumps just thinking of how far I will have progressed by the time I actually finish the program.

I felt that I can do anything and this was progam the first week. This video is a compilation of five right hand attempts at closing a COC 3 gripper between and This is usually done by shaving the inside of a gripper or grip machine handle. Originally Posted by vikingsrule I hope this is helpful to you, Justin. KTA is the premier program for crushing strength-hands down! Next, I got my girlfriend to watch. I ordered the KTA Program.

KTA – Kinney Adapted Training

So I couldn’t wait to get started. The week cycle is six prpgram of workouts, then one day rest. The KTA E-book can only be viewed on one computer the progtam it is unlocked on to protect the content and cannot be printed, copied, and must be read while sitting at your computer One should not expect cheap hardware to be accurate.


I was able to close the IronMind Trainer by April I will vrip starting the routine again next month and am looking at the COC 3.

The volume of KTA was never an issue for me. I hope to be certified within a year but with the progress I have made using the KTA philosophies it may be a lot sooner than that. I constantly struggled with the 2, often becoming frustrated and giving up grip training all together, for months at a time.

KTA – Kinney Adapted Training – Free Download PDF

On week 3, the 2 was shut. When I received the number 1 I was able to close it with my right hand. This means the hand gripper will get weaker in strength and then level off.

My current program uses the basic principles and techniques of KTA and I have seen major increases in strength on my way to the 4. Results progrzm to 6 of 6. I took pictures of my hands of the day that I took my certification video as proof. Please hurry with the KTA for the blob.

It shows you everything, from just what the heck a dogleg is, to the all-important set. They’ll find answers in your book. It took pprogram only 3 weeks to close the COC 3, which was meant to be my goal gripper for the entire program!