IEC 60906-2 PDF

IEC 60906-2 PDF

For IEC , the – VAC mains plug, see NEMA connector § NEMA 5. For IEC , the extra low voltage connectors, see DC connector § IEC IEC plug. IEC is an international standard designed “to provide a standard for a safe, compact. GOST IEC IEC system of plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes. Part 2. Plugs and socket-outlets 15 A V a.c. and 20 A V . Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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Insulating sleeve around base of L and N pins. The sockets are small enough that two can be installed in the space taken by a single Schuko or BS socket. An advantage of the IEC plug types is smaller physical sizes.

Retrieved 13 January NBR defines plugs and sockets for either 10A or 20A. Old outlet and plug, Middle: There is no connection for the earthing contact.

IEC 60906-1

List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. Jec Electricity Was Easier”. Since only plugs with partially sleeved pins are allowed to be distributed in Switzerland in order to minimize the risk of electric shocks. The IEC plugs are smaller than any other European plug with 16 A rating, being only slightly larger than the 2.

Although it looks similar to the Swiss SEV plug, its dimensions are different. Sockets have a 10 mm deep recess, which eliminates the possibility of touching pins under tension with fingers or any object.


IEC standard household plug.

However, the IEC standard explicitly discourages the use of multi-standard sockets, claiming that such sockets are likely to create safety problems when used with plugs from other countries. In the European Union EU published recommendations advising against the harmonisation of domestic plug and socket systems in the EU.

Retrieved 12 January REFIT found that “the harmonisation of plug and socket outlet systems in Europe, by introducing changes in national wiring legislations would have important transitional periods above 75 years “and that the cost to “replace the old socket-outlets and the corresponding plugs of the appliances being used ” was estimated at billion Euro, “generating a huge environmental impact, producing some tons of electrical waste”.

Old Swiss type 12 plug without partially sleeved line and neutral pins.

IEC | IEC Webstore

IEC plugs are similar in size and 69006-2 to the Europlugwith the front profile being a flat hexagon. Attempts to standardize European electrical power distribution started already in the early s!

This article is about part one of IEC A label can be inserted to mark the voltage of the local network. However, the latter has smaller diameter pins 4. Practical jec of the introduction of the new standard are among others: Details about plugs dimensions are given in the table below.

The IEC is similar to the Italian plug CEI 10 60906- “Type L”with the same front profile shaped as a flat hexagon and the same 609066-2 of the line and neutral pins the centres spaced 19 mm apart. An insulating sleeve around the base of the line and neutral pin similar to Europlugs is not compulsory. The 3-pin version has a round protective-earth pin of the same length and diameter as the line and neutral pins, but with no insulating sleeve. Ambiguity between line and neutral.


The pins have a 60906-22 of 4. Mains power connectors IEC They are nominally Beginning January 1st, new residential, commercial and industrial wall outlet installations must comply with this new standard, and beginning August 1st, imported electrical devices must comply with NBR regulations. Brand name of socket and plug: The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC has developed an international standard V household plug system, to be used one day everywhere in Europe and other countries with V mains.

Details are given below.

Moreover, the Italian plug is rated for up to 10 amperes although a ampere version exists with different and incompatible sizewhile the IEC plugs are rated for 13 amperes. Plugs have partially insulated line and neutral pins. There are a number of non-compliance issues with IEC Distance between line and neutral pin.

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