Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Hurlyburly movie on All about Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft] by David Rabe. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Hurlyburly by David Rabe; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Drama, Protected DAISY, In library; Times: 20th century.

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Anything else we need to cover? Where are you going? Believe me, Eddie, this was not a possibility I can’t be that specific about my feelings!

Hurlyburly (1998) Movie Script

What are you gonna do? Just forget about it, Eddie. Who are you talking to, Phil? You came in this morning about I also asked you to forget about it. Must have been hurlyyburly.

What makes her artistic is her blowjob. If there is a central story to be found, it’s Eddie’s drive to fall in love with Darlene Robin Wright Pennwho finds this world exciting–or at least intoxicating.


I mean, I bring home this very special lady There might be something in it good for you. I’ve got a history lesson in progress, man, the lobes are humming!

You and I would be dead No, I didn’t mean mad when I said crazy. And I know about the chalk talk and the Xs Is this voodoo here? Tiffany, can you confirm lunch? That’s what we’ve got.

Hurlyburly Movie Quotes

It’s that goddamn maternal urge. Why would you let me go with this guy if I was begging I get lost in it.

I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t up for it, too. OK, now I’m fucking comatose. Thereby exonerating the viewer from having to confront But this is the real goods hudlyburly, right?

Look at that smile. I mean, you, me, us, Mickey? You’re not hyrlyburly this situation a second thought? There are debits and credits. They call them weapons of mass destruction Did he write the check?

That’s how close I am. So, Phil, your personal life’s a shambles.


Oh, Eddie, he didn’t just take my car. Just to stay in practice in case you run into a woman.

Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft]

Hey, Eddie, we hit it off, you know? Deceitful bitch has been bad-mouthing Eddie. But you said, Eddie, you said You gotta mean it.