The book “Blood and Tears” by Qutubuddin Aziz is a must read for all Pakistanis. Urdu” So ‘we ‘were knO”W’D as BillariS’~ A.t schcol, I studied through, the. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away stalwart Qutubuddin Aziz died of cardiac arrest on Saturday night. stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears. It was the only account I could find on the suffering of the Urdu-speaking (Biharis) in East Pakistan Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz – Why did we lose East Pakistan? . I heard the screams of an Urdu-speaking girl who was being.

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He was a courageous Youngman and he resisted the attackers. The bus driver obeyed their signal to stop and the thugs motioned to the passengers to get down.

Thousands of dead blooc were flung into the Karnaphuli river and the Bay of Bengal. In Burma, massacre of Muslims is being done ruthlessly and the world is silent.

My daughter also resisted the attackers but they were far too many and they were well armed. As commonly believed in Pakistan, it has now been confirmed that India played a pro-active role in causing discontent in former East Pakistan, resulting in its cessation from rest of the country. And when Ayub talked of changing the capital, Bengalese against wanted it to be in East Pakistan.

The fall of Dacca

While the focus in Blood and Tears is on the rebel atrocities it also highlights the courage and heroism of many Bengalees who saved their non-Bengalee friends from the fire and fury of the bloodthirsty insurgents. Why we made Pakistan? I was nine months pregnant. By then Phase 1 of the operation was already complete.

The fall of Dacca | Pakistan Today

Who killed Akbar Bugti? Fall of East Pakistan.

Surprisingly, the article says not a word about the dislike and mistreatment of Bengalese by Ayub Khan and of the Urdu-speaking people who formed bulk of the civil qutubudxin in early days which forced Bengalese to go their separate ways instead of staying with Pakistan for which they had opted of their own free will, and which means that they did not start with bad feelings for West Aizz.


She fainted and lost consciousness. Shops owned by the Biharis were favourite target of attack. The exploitative, interest based, Banking system based on paper currency is now crashing.

The thugs then gunned all the male non-Bengalis. The terrorists of Lal Masjid, media propaganda and Army Operation! Dead bodies of Bihari and Bengali victims lie strewn over the execution ground as Mukti-Bahini killers and their accomplices watch the butchery with sadist pleasure. Khan, December 6, Advanced embedding details, examples, qutubuxdin help! Future of Pakistan Insha Allah. Standing on the Afghan bank of Oxus River, in cool whispering bre Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan?

Also, If azoz was just the fear of being ruled by East Pakistani leaders, the West Pakistani leaders could agree to Sheikh Mujib’s suggestion of a confederation. They launched axiz effective Bengali language movement in to counter this decision, which reached its climax on 21st Februarywhen several people were killed by police. High quality recitations of the Quran. After the death of Quaid e Azam, the whole department was burnt down by the traitors and its research lost to the nation.

Here are the details.

BLOOD AND TEARS : Qutubuddin Aziz : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In writing and publishing this book, I am not motivated by any revanchist obsession or a wish to condemn my erstwhile Bengali compatriots as a nation. A must read collection for all times to come. She described her tragedy in these words: The sheaves qutubuddih eye-witness accounts, documented in this book, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the massacre of West Pakistanis, Biharis and other non-Bengalis in East Pakistan had begun long before the Pakistan Army took punitive action against the rebels late in the night of March 25, For two days, we lived on bare earth in an ters space and we had nothing to eat.

Tezrs details eye witness accounts of atrocities on non-Bengalis and pro Pakistan Bengalis by Awami League militants and other rebels in 55 towns of then East Pakistan between March-April with photographs. Posted bpood Tayyaba Zaid On 9: A team of four reporters, commissioned for interviewing the witnesses from all uqtubuddin 55 towns and cities of East Pakistan, worked with intense devotion to secure their testimony. This is an issue not being recognised as an issue.


People who follow this Blog. The killer gang asked us to utter a few sentences in Bengali which we did. A jingo barked out the order that Bengalis and non-Bengalis should fall into separate lines. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

The atrocities inflicted upon the Biharis by Mukti Bahini often in the name of Pakistan Iin is a matter of record. Neither by the successive governments of Pakistan nor by the so-called liberals willing to hold millions of Afghans to their bosoms, who have come here under clear agreement to return to their homeland, yet ignores the plight of those rejected by both nations.


She asked her captors to allow her to dig a small grave and bury the child. When we say that we must crush the Khawarij NOW, we say that for a reason which these blind politicians cannot see.

In the wanton slaughter in the last week of March and early April,some 40, non-Bengalis perished in Chittagong and its neighbourhood. Phase II saw the Indian forces poised for the independence of Bangladesh. Four of the gunmen took for their loot two young non-Bengali women and raped them inside the empty bus. Indian Secret Agency RAW Behind secession of East Pakistan As commonly believed in Pakistan, it has now been confirmed that India played a pro-active role in causing discontent in former East Pakistan, resulting in its cessation from rest of the country.

The uniformed killer puffing the cigarette to singe the eyes of the terrified prey.