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Argentina and peripheral neoliberal militarism Juan Gabriel Tokatlian 11 September Drugs and the peace process in Colombia: His decision responds to juann change in the international military doctrines promoted by the US.

It is a process with echoes of the s. Juan Gabriel Tokatlian 30 June El tiempo es el factor clave. Argentine President Mauricio Macri has recently enabled the armed forces’ involvement in home security tasks.

Now, the sudden death of a senior prosecutor highlights the need for a new phase of reform. Is the crisis in Venezuela still negotiable?

Juan Gabriel Tokatlian – Agenda Contributor | World Economic Forum

Juan Gabriel Tokatlian 2 July Venezuela’s presidential election presents the United States with a historic choice, says Juqn Gabriel Tokatlian.

The “doomsday clock”, a respected measure of the world’s nearness to catastrophe, is again on the move. DemocraciaAbierta Global platform for Latin American voices.

In embracing the failed American anti-terror model, France and Europe are abandoning their own successful one. He earned a doctorate in international relations from the Johns Hopkins University school of advanced international studies, and lived, researched and taught in Colombia from The results are damaging and counterproductive, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian.


Argentina is a country of peculiarities that stands out in its regional context. El relanzamiento de las relaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Argentina tiene un pilar en el que debiera sostenerse: Peace in Colombia is now entering an unpredictable labyrinth. TTIP and the right to protect personal data. Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy. Most Popular Why studying climate change made me quit my PhD. It is not that Washington should be more alert about what happens in the world; it is the world that should be concerned with what is going on in the United States.

Brexit and the British constitution: What we talk about when we talk about TTIP. EU membership or eastern promises?

A tempestade ainda pode ser evitada.

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There is still a small window of opportunity to resolve the Venezuelan crisis by political, negotiated means. Venezuela is facing today the most painful and far-reaching crisis in America. The great recession since has reshaped international attitudes in ways that tokatliam influencing public policy on drugs.

Most popular Why studying climate change made me quit my PhD.

About Juan Gabriel Tokatlian

Six different paths to EU integration. The war on drugs: The yellow vests, or the discrediting of representative democracy.

Juan Gabriel Tokatlian 25 April Transformation Where love meets social justice. Turmoil can still be avoided. It is crucial that the United States avoid any signal in favor of such a strategy. The attitudes of most American citizens to violence against Muslims bodes ill for democracy in the United States. We publish high-quality investigative reporting and analysis; we train and mentor journalists and wider civil society; we publish in Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese and English.


The valuable experience of Latin American states on key nuclear and conflict issues needs to be heard in the dialogue over Toiatlian, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian.

Juan Gabriel Tokatlian | JIA SIPA

Many interests are at stake. Argentina’s democracy has tokatliam far since the early s. Does the rise of non-western states such as China, India, South Africa, and Brazil threaten the dominant model of international politics? Technical, geopolitical, or transformative: Sections openDemocracy Free thinking for the world. Three minutes from apocalypse?

The appointment of a new head of the lead United Nations anti-drugs agency is a precious opportunity tokatliah abandon a failed policy, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian. Colombia and the plebiscite: European integration Six countries.

Its security strategy which kept the military separate from internal security for many years is one of those peculiarities. Economic crisis and illicit drugs Juan Gabriel Tokatlian 15 September Warriors of different sort first Juan Gabriel Tokatlian 20 June Gabroel States and Latin America: Writers silenced by surveillance: