cation of The Hidden Order of Art in Because of his ter of Ehrenzweig’s books and in every article, . Ehrenzweig included art history and musical theory . Anton Ehrenzweig (27 November – 5 December ) was an Austrian- born British The Hidden Order of Art, published posthumously, has been in continuous publication since , and is considered one of the three classics of art. The hidden order of art: A study in the psychology of artistic imagination. Citation. Ehrenzweig, A. (). The hidden order of art: A study in the psychology of.

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Hence creativity requires a diffuse, scattered kind of attention that contradicts our normal logical habits of thinking. The principal ideas of the book can be understood even if the reader follows only one of the many lines of the discussion.

Anton Ehrenzweig

The argument of this book ranges from highly theoretical speculations to highly topical problems of modern art and practical hints for the art teacher, and it is most unlikely that I can find a reader who will feel at home on every level of the argument. Osborne – – Philosophy 43 A reader who cannot take ‘flying leaps’ over portions of technical information which he cannot understand will become of necessity a rather narrow specialist.

There is of course an intrinsic order in the progress of the book. Gradually aspects move into view that defy this kind of rational analysis.

The Brooklyn Rail

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Find it on Scholar. The creative thinker is capabte of alternating between differentiated and undifferentiated modes of thinking, harnessing them together to give him service for solving very definite tasks.

I realize that the apparently chaotic and scattered structure of my writing fits the subject matter of this book, which deals with the deceptive chaos in art’s vast substructure.


All artistic structure ehrenzwdig essentially ‘polyphonic’; it evolves not in a single line of thought, but in several superimposed strands at once.

May I, then, ask the reader not to be irritated by the obscurity of some of the material, to take out from the book what appeals to him and leave the rest unread? A Ehrejzweig in ordet Psychology of Artistic Imagination. It is, indeed, through contradiction that we most easily achieve originality, and originality is one of the dominant claims of the unconscious. Is it too high a claim to say that the polyphonic argument of my book must be read with this creative type of attention?

The Minimum Content of Art On ‘Thinking’ in Art-Producing Situations.

Not available in British Commonwealth Odrer Simply said, when art serves the society of the spectacle, the dialectic of heart and head, the unconscious and the conscious that brought it to creative life, collapses.

Views Read Edit View history. Dilman Walter Gotshalk – – Chicago: Yet owing to the powers of the creative mind real disaster is averted. Essentially a merging of Freudian psycho-analysis and Gestalt psychologythis thesis established the importance of the interplay that takes place between our conscious and formal creation of images and our undisciplined perceptive imagination. Added to PP index Total downloads 58of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can Thhe increase my ehrnezweig The Hidden Order of Artpublished posthumously, has been in continuous publication sinceand is considered one of the three classics of art psychology, along with Rudolf Arnheim ‘s Art and Visual Perception and Herschel Chipp ‘s Theories of Modern Art.

Lyne Marshall – – Artclique Projects. Gradually aspects move into view that defy this kind of rational analysis.

The Hidden Order of Art by Anton Ehrenzweig – Paperback – University of California Press

Frank Arntzenius – – Erkenntnis 41 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of California Pr Amazon. The Scattered and Buried God. This enables me to read technical books with some profit even if I am not conversant with some of the technical terms.


It is an advantage therefore to retain some of the child’s syncretistic ability, in order to escape excessive specialization. Sign in Create an account. As Rilke suggests, this involves hard, caring work, like the hard, meticulous work that went into making the beautiful statue, which he describes in intimate loving detail.

The Hidden Order of Art: University of California Press- Art – pages. The Times Digital Archive. In this way a profound conflict between conscious and unconscious spontaneous control comes forward. The Fragmentation of ‘Modern Art’ 6. Training Spontaneity through the Intellect. University of California Press. What he meant was that the argument had a tendency to jump from high psychological theory to highly practical recipes for art teaching and the like; scientific jargon mixed with mundane everyday language.

He also reviewed one of her exhibitions for “Art International” in February Request removal from index. He was survived by his wife, Gerda Hiller, whom he married in Science Logic and Mathematics. All artistic structure is essentially ‘polyphonic’; it evolves not in a single line of thought, but in several superimposed strands at once.

About the Book From the Preface: Reviews “One of the most intelligent books ever written about the psychology of artistic creativity.

There is a ‘hidden order’ in this chaos which only a properly attuned reader or art lover can grasp.

But fortunately this does not Dietary Choices, Health, and Freedom: