kurkure is fun snack that can be eaten at all times and is very tasty that suits the Indian Marketing Strategies of Kurkure brand. New marketing plan for Kurkure Frito Lay India today unveiled a new campaign that makes family central to its marketing plan for its “Kurkure” snack range. The luck was in how Kurkure did stunningly well in the market. However, advertising was not the only strategy that the company relied on.

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T o mark 10 years of its existence, Xtrategy, FritoLay’s Indian innovation in the salted snack market, is changing tracks, says Sayantani Kar. For instance, the flavor prominently introduced in Punjab will have the local flavors than the one introduced in Gujrat or Karnataka. Positive returns for investors in Travel: Today it is important to generate conversations around a brand.

Marketing Strategies of Kurkure Brand | brandyuva

We anyway have healthy food habits, so a break from the usual fare is what people look for when snacking,” says Warrier on why Kurkure would hold its own against health snacks. Similarly, they launched contests during the launch of Funjabi Kadhai Masala and butter masala.

The snacks come in 4 flavors namely: This was one of the most popular ads done by the actress for Kurkure. Kurkure has also devised wonderful advertisement and marketing strategies to increase their reach to their target market.

It is lip smacking snack which is available in various flavors. The raw ingredients required to make these snacks are procured directly from farms in India with the use of contract farming. So, Kurkure would stand apart marketung its ingredients rather than just flavours,” adds Warrier.


The design of the snack and the packaging done by the brand kkurkure very different and was one of the first to have a snack which was crooked and long. Kurkure now on will be less about flavours and more about ingredients.

It has used the traditional distribution network strategy and is very successful in keeping up with it. Due to the immense popularity of the brand, the company has decided to introduce Kurkure overseas. One of the members of the founding team, Geetu Verma says, “The birth of Kurkure was part necessity, part serendipity.

It has always roped in Bollywood celebrities to promote the brand on print and digital. Between andthe number of local players rose from 1, to 2, and PepsiCo lost two to three per cent market share.

Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies | Short Case Studies

It was this irrepressible, loud, desi brand that was affordable. The packaging too was perceived as high quality. Addressing the increasing demand and acceptance as a tea-time snack, Kurkure has also launched a family pack of Rs. Endorsements by Bollywood Stars have been successful for a lot of brands and in this case too, it has helped increase the marketung of Kurkure.

Kurkure PepsiCo snacks snack market. After the product was established in the market, the phase II plans took off.

The market of Kurkure has increased to a great extent. They have many offers on the products as well. Kurkure has redefined all boundaries of packaged snacks in the Indian market and today has made a distinct place for itself in the hearts and minds of Indians. Though Chawla did her role well, the feedback was not satisfactory.


But the quality of the offering by the local vendors is questionable. Polo hopes to make a mint with radio revamp If Kurkure is a brand of tasty snacks launched by PepsiCo India for Indian customers. Kurkure reacted by launching new flavours and a variant that looked similar to Bingo called Desi Beats.

Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies*

Kellogg Strategy Change Is Hinted b In order to increase their sales revenue, the brand has devised upon various advertising strategies. Kurkure was made to cater to the large Indian market but it has become so popular that the product in now being extended to international markets around the subcontinent.

Kurkure is extensively promoted as a tea-time snack showcasing a fun-loving family having a merry kur,ure. It also upped its distribution by going to cyber cafes and telephone booths.

marketign The brand created a new space in the market and succeeded in winning the hearts of customers. But these snacks have limited appeal as they prefer spicy snacks. You don’t need high-end flagship phones to play PUBG!