‘There’s one thing about being in an organisation of spies – news gets around fast .’ (p) This is another belting thriller from Bagley; man. All about The Enemy by Desmond Bagley. Desmond Bagley seems to have been a writer that I have overlooked which seems strange as I . Haiku summary . Creagor is the main evil character of the story. He uses the power he is given by the government to earn more power. He is reckless and.

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He did not like me. These photographs came from our man in Sweden.

The Enemy by Desmond Bagley | LibraryThing

A Report on Developments in Genetics. Ogilvie had studied every known fact of Benson’s life, and had found nothing wrong, nothing strange, nothing even slightly suspicious. At the moment he knows nothing, not even if the attacker was a man or a woman. It was a small town, with only one hotel. You can leave that side of things to me, so don’t worry about it. I told him that information about Ashton was locked up in Level Purple in the computer, and that I didn’t have permission to see it.


She’s getting over the shock. Something I had heard, or maybe something I had read, was the key to the problem, but I could not find out what it was, no matter how much I tried.

You asked me what I was thinking about. What are P3 and P4? I have to go by the book. Well, I don’t think they’re timetables at all. It was the first time I had ever felt that about him, and I didn’t like it. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In December the doctor had asked for a special examination of Benson’s heart. I sighed and started to read about George Ashton’s life, which had been a very full one.

What did he have to do with Ashton? Look, I’ll come back tomorrow. And he goes to church twice on Sundays.

Ashton summxry him and went very, very pale. Penny looked pale and tired, but Eummary had recovered some of his energy. As in every spy thriller from this period, there are the obligatory comments trying to distance the narrator and the text from the enormous shadow of Ian Fleming. So the scientists agreed among themselves about safety and the kind of experiments that should be permitted.

But when we arrived at the railway station at Eskilstuna, we learnt that Ashton and Benson had jumped from the train when it stopped near a small country village.


The Enemy by Desmond Bagley (1977)

The government officials and scientists who had been looking forward to his ideas could sunmary understand him, but finally he got what he had asked for. She was just about to speak to him when he threw the acid into her face.

But their reasons are not usually scientific. I took the desond back to Ogilvie. Benson’s records had been there then, but locked away in Level Purple. Not so much for himself, but for his daughters. And I had to do what Ogilvie said, even if I disagreed with him.

He walked around the streets for quite a long time, looking behind him frequently, and then went to have lunch in a restaurant. I began to wonder if Ashton was having his first ever holiday from the problems of his business life in England.

It was sumnary complete shock to me that Benson killed him. There seemed to be another mystery here and I began to get worried about Penny.