Savannah would be happy spending the summer working at the library and reading. But then she meets Jackson, who Savannah’s convinced is the one. At first. and her wonderful debut BREATHING should have made a stop here months back. Cheryl Renée Herbsman lives in Northern California with. Book: Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman Rating: 5 Stars Summary: Savannah would be happy to spend the summer in her coastal Carolina.

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That and the beautiful cover which somehow only makes me feel even more disappointed because I was really hoping for a better book. I don’t really know.

I can, however, say I liked the ending. Before I started Breathing, I was warned about the Southern dialect and how irritating it was.

Breathing by Cheryl Renée Herbsman

I live near the setting of this book and people do not speak like that here. Star ratings in yellow are from our Staff Reviewers.

Will Jackson and Savannah’s relationship be able to survive the long distance? She splits her time between reading trashy romance novels in the summer, looking out for Breathing is a story that can make you smile and break your heart all in the cjeryl moment.


Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman | : Books

Before we get to the reveal, here’s a message from Meredith: There is kissing, passionate kissing, and it mentions making out. But then there’s books cgeryl Breathing where it’s all I desperately want is for the eenee lovebirds to stick it out and make things work already.

Feb 26, Eleonore rated it it was amazing. Tales from the Inner City. I just know it’s there somewhere- at least for me. I love how the asthma was brought into the book. Her courageous stunts, her friendship, wrapped her personality with a tight red bow.

breathing by cheryl herbsman

Oct 29, Yan rated it it was ok. I’m completely personal, so don’t let this turn you off from the book completely. I know that I complain sometimes that love in YA shouldn’t be hugely dramatic and overemotional and especially that it shouldn’t necessarily be forever.

She manages to be stubborn, strong, shy, innocent, brave and filled with love for her family and for Jackson. I loved the southern dialect that you can feel throughout the story, as well as the relationships that were developed.

A southern girl falling in love for the first time? After Jackson leaves, all she could think about was him. But I got the main point and the language enhanced Breathing even more. But Savannah sometimes needed to grow a bit more—act more mature. Sep 09, Sarah MacLean rated it it was amazing Shelves: My main issue with the book was a completely personal one. Or maybe just yourself?


The Vampire and Angel Wars Book 1. Please try again later. The transition scenes were iffy and abrupt at points. But then she meets Jackson, who Savannah’s convinced is the one.

Now, as for this Jackson feller I’ve got twang on the brain.

Savannah was content to be by brathing for the summer: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I can relate to it wholesomely.

Loved the plot, the characters and especially that cute sounding Southern accent! A perfect summer beach read!