Function of Traffic Signs. Effectiveness of Traffic Signs. Application of Traffic Signs. Excessive Use of Traffic Signs. Standardization of Traffic. This manual supersedes and forms part of the revised version of JKR/J(Rb) / 80, Manual on Traffic Control Devices-Traffic Signs. The Manual is now divided. J. K. R. Malaysia, “Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2A/85,” Manual On Traffic Control Devices, Public Work Deparment (JKR), Malaysia,

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While closing tapers are optional, they may be useful in smoothing traffic flow. Flaggers may be used but caution must b e taken so they are not exposed to unnecesary hazards. Document all actions taken trsffic or related to traffic controls that are placed in effect at the worksite. Both directions of traffic must be able to see the flagger and.

The traffic control zone is the distance between the first advance warning sign and the point beyond the work area where traffic is no longer affected. For example and convenience at a cost commensurate with lightweight channelizing devices and sand the’ hazards and problems involved.

Parts” will be-exam construction, maintenance, or utility opera manul for one direction of travel.

If an alter nate route is not feasible be prepared to use signs, flaggers, and radio announcements to warn traff. Four general types of tapers used in a The two-way traffic taper controll used contro, advance traffic control zones are: Spatial patterns of health clinic in Malaysia.

These lights should be used in addition to other channel izing and warning devices. Consideration should also be given for pro viding temporary luminaries at certain loca tions such as the work activity, certain cross roads, and transitions. A,properly bags to act as a buffer should be used to installed,traff c control, zone will allow traffic protect barrier ends. For example, if a taper were used to shift traffic into opposing lanes.

In this situation, the function referred to as. It extends and into lanes normally used by opposing from the down stre Am end of the work area traffic.


Figure shows the typical traffic control devices needed for various work zones. They may, however, be cum 4. Repairs temporary or permanent to dam aged sidewalks should be made quickly.

2C/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Temporary Sign and Work Zone Control)

They have the same disadvantages of guidance. If morning and evening peak hourly traffic volumes in 5. An advance warning sign should be used when any problems or conflicts with the flow of traffic may be anticipated.

To prevent or minimize such litigation and to help jlr lawsuits, the following steps are recommended Know and comply with the traffic control.

Mqnual devices shall be clean. It is placed in the termina exclusive use by workers, equipment, and tion area. If restricted sight distance is a prob lem, the taper should begin well. Temporary signs shall be placed in positions where they will convey their messages most effectively and placement must therefore be accommodated to highway design and alignment. Move the control devices periodically to keep them near the work area.

Typical applications single warning sign is adequate, When an may be altered to fit the conditions of a par improved shoulder,is closed on a high-speed ticular work area. In Page 79 6. Figure notes how several devices may be attached to other devices and supports.

It is especially important to cover or roadway because it is considered a traffic repair any holes and to have broken or dam routing problem. For stability, a rubber or sand by the number of rails facing traffic Types I collar or specially weighted base may be and II are normally used for either channel added. If traffic volumes are high, traffic may back up as a result. They are particularly valuable at points.

Vehicle mounted panels should be provided with remote con trols. In the transition area, traffic is width of the lane to be closed the lateral dis channelized from the normal highway lanes tance’ traffic is shifted.

2C/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Temporary Sign and Work Zone Control) – REAAA Wiki

There are two for to the path required to move traffic around mulas for determining the length of a taper the work area. Where this is not feasible, such as during the process of making a traf fic shift or carrying traffic through surfacing operations, temporary delineation may be accomplished with lines of traffic cones or other channelizing devices.


Shadow vehicles out of the way if necessary. Drivers will slow down only if they see that they need to Emphasis is needed to provide good geometrics in transitions.

JKR 2CTemporarySign_图文_百度文库

Exceptions to this may be made for short-term operations, such as a work zone under flaggers control, moving or mobile operations. Pavement markings should be used to provide a well defined path. It should not be erected until work begins. A flag or other token may 4.

Before reaching the work area, drivers should have, enough time to alter their driv ing patterns. For day and night use, arrow panels. These changes may be hazardous for drivers, workers,and pedestrians unless protective measures are taken.

To avoid glare from headlights, signs may be tilted back and away slightly from the roadway. It should be use ful to anyone involved with planning, 2. It is recommended that the flagger be given a pocket instruction card for refer ence that shows the proper methods for con trolling traffic. Crash cushions may be mounted on shadow vehicles and work vehi cles to protect traffic during construction, maintenance, and utility operations.

At night, non-opaque materials let the messages be seen because headlights, reflect the message through. This column is appropriate for lane widths less than 3. Markings are made of with bead reflector ization paint, raised reflectorized markers, preformed reflectorized plastics, hot reflec torized plastics, epoxies and other materials placed by heating and spraying b The standard markings planned, for the road should be in-place before opening a new facility to traffic.

Parts” will be-exam ined for one direction of travel.

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