Alvin Plantinga. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This book discusses and exemplifies the philosophy of religion, or philosophical reflection on central. God, Freedom, And Evil – Alvin Plantinga – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. PAGE 18 IS MISSING. HERE IS THE MISSING. For a critical account of verificationism see Plantinga, God and Other Minds, chap. 7. Excerpted from: Alvin Plantinga. God, Freedom, and Evil ().

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The atheist arguments that are examined here include the argument that God cannot be good while permitting evil, which the writer delves into. If there is a contradiction between the following three premises, the atheologian has yet to show it: View all 7 comments.

God, Freedom, and Evil

Lists with This Book. This tod is not for the feint hearted as it reads like a philosophy book complete with conditional logical statements. New Testament Studies John Studies. It really is that simple.

To spend 8 pages on these 2 lines of reasoning, without answering the objections to them, and then conclude that they are both “unsuccessful” is an unfortunate move on Plantinga’s part.

If it is possible that a maximally great being exists, then a maximally great being exists in some possible world. It stands as a well-reasoned and apt response to various relevant questions surrounding the existence of God and the problem of suffering and pain, and hence is a must-read for every defender of the faith. Having read through Saint Thomas work on creation, and on God some of the material was repetitive but the book is only pages it well worth the read, for anyone interested in philosophy of religion, or anyone who likes to think hard!!!!

This is an argument that has been fascinating to me since I first read Anselm’s odd, seemingly round-about justification. What is so Good About Moral Freedom?


Plantinga argues against J. Nevertheless, God, Freedom, and Evil is an important work frewdom philosophy and theology. The first half is dedicated to examining and refuting the most popular argument against the existence of God, namely the problem of evil and suffering in the world.

If God grants free will to creatures, it evik follows that each creature possesses the opportunity to choose good or evil. Thursday, March 08, Benedict Cumberbatch plays an American who loses everything, gains insight from mindfulness, and then discovers the magic of utilitarianism. He addresses two topics: So I wasn’t persuaded that he dealt gos either effectively he also spends very little time on each. Gd trivia or quizzes yet. His arguments about the various proofs for God were likewise rigorous but unhelpful in my opinion.

God, Freedom, and Evil Chapters Other objections like the amount of moral evil and the presence of natural evil are also considered and competently responded to. In order to prove the existence of God, then, one must p The Problem of Evil Suppose that God, as most Christians believe, is wholly good, all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present. Therefore, a maximally great gor exists. These too are examined with popular objections looked at in This is a short read and a great analytic look at some common atheistic arguments and theistic arguments with logical premises used as either evidence for or against the claims presented.

In this book Plantinga pretty much demolished what is called the logical problem of evil that writers like Mackie proposed. Alvin Plantinga University of Notre Dame.

Summary of Doctor Strange: Plantinga is a great thinker and writer. Mackie claims these premises are contradictory 1 God is omnipotent 2 God is wholly good 3 Egil Exist But, he is well aware that these premises are not enough so he goes on to add “additionally premises” and quasi-logical rules, he says we need them to show the contradiction. Kevin Timpe — University of San Diego “A classic work in the philosophy of religion, Freeedom God, Freedom, and Evil is the single most influential text on the problem of evil in the past fifty years.


Mar 08, Del Herman rated it really liked it. This leads to discussions of Possible Worlds W. Request removal from index.

Sign in to use this feature. Similarly he rejects the cosmo This book surprissed me.

God, Freedom, and Evil – Alvin Plantinga – Google Books

The whole possible-world logic and stuff freedpm transworld-depravity and the like, on the other hand, introduces so much room for error that I tend to believe we should have stopped, there. Nov 22, Donovan Richards rated it liked it. As for the theistic arguments, I am less inclined to agree about his dismissal alvjn the cosmological and teleological arguments but I am appreciative of his intellectual honesty in not accepting these simply to prove the existence of God.

Furthermore, Plantinga’s Onto Though I am an atheist, Plantinga has convinced me that belief in God can be, at the very least, considered rational. Jul 11, Robert rated it really liked it.

God, Freedom, and Evil by Alvin Plantinga

Plantinga is a true philosopher: Some ffeedom, in fact, would critique Plantinga’s arguments by pointing to the Bible. He engages the ontological argument thoroughly, both its original form from St. In short, he argues that the existence of free will as an added premise to the problem of evil creates an invalid argument.