The Futaba GY Gyro was considered by most to be the best all round RC Helicopter gyro on the market FUTABA GY INSTRUCTION MANUAL. HKB is a gyro with function of dual rate and head lock, which designed for more prominent to use digital servo, It’s recommended that you use futaba Browse Futaba GY Gyro withSmm Technology owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about your.

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FUTABA GY401 Instruction Manual

My most popular eBook! Confirm that no sub-trim or ATV is present in the transmitter in any flight condition on the rudder channel.

The servo needs to rotate clockwise. Wait 4 seconds for the gyro to initialize. Yes, the tape that comes with the gyro is not very cushiony, but that’s the way it needs to be.

Futaba GY Gyro How-to

Adjust the guides to acheive the least resistance. When operating the trimmers and switches, always use the miniature. For instance, do not fly the model. The delay trimmer should remain at 0. Manula helicopter is out of balance.

Check the servo direction. If the gyro peels, control will be lost. In the AVCS mode, all rudder corrections are made by.


The Futaba GY401 Gyro

In the AVCS mode, the servo does not return to the neutral position even. This value may be well below the point of “hunting”, but that is just fine.

Remember that a few hundred rpm drop on the head is several hundred rpm drop on the tail. Rotate the helicopter so the nose goes to the left and watch the rudder servo. To get the two Futaba connectors into your Spektrum receiver you will have to trim the flat piece that sticks out on the side.

Make sure the guides are aligned for least resistance. Proper trim can and should be obtained mechanically by adjusting the tail rotor pushrod. When using servos that are not compatible with high-speed.

When you want to. Angular Vector Control System gyro developed for model. The instructions that come with the gyro are good, but they offer several options for set-up. Back to Main Page.

Team Futaba Tip #2

With the rudder link disconnected from the servo. That leaves two other connectors, one with 3 wires and the other with 1 wire. The helicopter model and engine must be running smoothly.

The rigidity of the tail section has a large furaba on gyro.


The distinction is important to recognize as the proper use of the AFR function will ensure no drifting problems occur with the gyro. Don’t show me this message again. It should move the servo clockwise which thereby should pull the rudder control link forward.

If not, then flip the reverse switch located on the top of the gyro. Vibration is the cause of low gain settings. If the gyro cables mmanual too taut, the gyro will not display its. Do not disturb the rudder. Mankal tail rotor servo is plugged into the output lead from the gyro.

The drive motor generates strong electromagnetic manal. Compact size 27x27x20mm and light weight 27g realized by. Multiple layers of tape are unnecessary and potentially detrimental to gyro performance if the mounting becomes excessively “spongy”. With transmitter and receiver turned on, watch the red LED on the gyro after the gyro initializes. The RPM’s should be to for 3D flight. When flying in the AVCS mode, set the rudder trim to the same position.