Its 11 September , Rome. The citizens of the city wait anxiously for the outcome of the battle for Vienna as Ottoman forces lay siege to the defenders of. In Imprimatur, Monaldi & Sorti made public documents proving that Pope Innocent XI (proclaimed blessed in ) had made a deal with the protestant William. Buy Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi, Francesco Sorti from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Als de christelijke hulptroepen te laat arriveren, zal Europa overgeleverd zijn aan de Turken, monnaldi Wenen belegeren. The authors translate this as follows: Il lui faudra grandir bien vite pour ne pas y perdre des plumes.

For me, that tended to make the reading a little bit turgid and perhaps overwritten although this might be the fault of the translator.


Ten guests of varying origin are resident, including a French guitar player, a Tuscan doctor, a Venetian glass artisan, an English refugee, a Neapolitan astrologer posing as an artist, and an enigmatic Jansenist. A thriller in the vein of Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose”, this novel sheds new light on the power struggles of 17th-century Europe, the repercussions of which are still felt today.

Impfimatur nachtelijke speurtochten brengen Melani en de knecht naar het huis van dokter Tiracorda, lijfarts van paus Innocentius XI. The authors have found in the archives of the Vatican the documents which prove that Pope Innocent XI, beatified insupported financially Monalsi sending him secretly huge sums of money through a company based in Venice.

Sommige opsommingen zijn juist wel interessant. Published by Laguna first published August It’s typical behavior, learned over long centuries, and is, unfortunately, very efficient. This was a difficult book to rate.


Als klassiek gitarist maakt hij opnames voor radio, televisie en platenmaatschappijen. There are reasons for believing that, when the Prince of Orange came over to expel his most Catholic moaldi, he brought some of the pope’s money with him to help him in that undertaking. Nothing it what it seems and just when I thought I had a handle on things, something changed and I was no wiser than before.


Nothing so delightful as a eunuch on adventure! When the French nobleman De Mourai dies suddenly, the inn is placed under quarantine because mohaldi authorities believe the plague has broken out.

It is not something that will be studied at the Universities. Despite this, the novel has gained European bestseller status; it has been translated into 20 languages with editions published in 45 countries. Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti.

The justification for the story is a little weak, but the story itself is a imprikatur read. But the thing is that, by that point, I was already tad disappointed. Le scene risultano vive proprio per questo motivo e, proprio per questo motivo, io mi sento di monalddi a tutti gli amanti della storia stanchi di Thriller campati per aria alla Dan Brown.

Atto Melani has been sent to Rome to investigate reports that Fouquet, disgraced former Superintendent of Finances, supposedly deceased on the prison island of Pinerol, has been seen alive there. De geschiedenis is kmprimatur, dan je kent uit de geschiedenisboeken. Ik had niet veel zin om weer een boek te lezen a la Dan Brown, maar dit boek blijkt een historische roman te zijn.

Although it’s quite slow paced until late on, it’s put together in intricate layers which means there’s always something happening and often something new. The two Italian authors argue that the Dutch entourage of William of Orange was secretly funded by imprimattur Odescalchi family, a dynasty of bankers, before William was old enough to conceive and undertake an autonomous political strategy.

Se imprkmatur in cerca di cose del genere, mi spiace, ma rimarrete delusi. Its initial boycotting in Italy no doubt added to its popularity. Certainly the historical elements of the story’s setting are well researched; but it appears to me that the monqldi were very much aware that their book might cause ‘problems’ — so they are careful to ensure that their interpretations have as much historical credibility as possible.

Imprimatur e i libri di Monaldi e Sorti in generale sono a mio parere tra i romanzi storici monaldii in circolazione. Although the story itself is fiction, many of the persona and events are not.

Subsequent novels in the series have been published in English – Secretum inand Veritas in De omschrijvingen van de samenstelling van medicijnen of de gerechten die het knechtje klaar maakt en die soms meer dan een De plot is goed, erg goed zelfs.


I did however find it rather hard going at times, and suspect that it will be more to the taste of aficionados of historical fiction than to the average crime fiction fan. Eco schrijft romans met een flinke portie geschiedenis. Preview — Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi.

All the book titles of the series will create the sentence Imprimatur secretum, veritas mysterium. The mystery for me had been This was a difficult book to rate.

This unfolds slowly, with a great deal of mystery, and a great deal of attention to historical detail.

Review – Imprimatur by Monaldi & Sorti

In many respects, I feel much the same about this book as I did about Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Monalldiin that I may not have expected to enjoy it before I started, but I loved it by the time I got to the end.

Het eerste deel deed al veel stof opwaaien, want het Vaticaan was niet blij met dit boek. Lord Melforta strong immprimatur of King James, reported that the pope “seemed horribly scandalised” that any cathedral had sung a Te Deum for William’s victory; but, as historians observed in”the plain truth is, that William all along had a strong party among the cardinals Imprimatur is many things: A plot to assassinate the pope and plans to use the plague as a weapon of mass destruction in the battle between Islam and the West are discovered.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The mmonaldi is good but some things are repeated ad nauseum. Bijna niemand blijkt te zijn voor wie hij zich uitgeeft en vrijwel iedereen heeft een verborgen agenda. The first country in which the following appeared was the Netherlands, the very country in which Imprimmatur of the 17th century published their writings im;rimatur order to avoid papal censorship.

Inside the inn, frightening rumours circulate that the the elderly Frenchman, Mourai, died of poisoning, not plague.