2N 2N 2N Units. Collector – Emitter Voltage. VCEO. . verify that the information in this data sheet is current before using this product. Visit for additional data sheets and product information. Forward Current Transfer Ratio. IC = 10 Adc, VCE = 3 Vdc. 2N 2N NPN POWER SILICON TRANSISTOR. Qualified per MIL-PRF/ T4- LDS Rev. 1 (). Page 1 of 5. DEVICES. LEVELS. 2N 2N

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Simple Coll Tester 89 Here the designer must recheck three areas: A detailed description of this type of filter can be found in the reference listed at the end of this section.

2N6249 Datasheet

However, the effectiveness is lost if the OVP circuitry is not reliable. Alt of the power-supply control functions reside in the MC pulse width modulation control I.

Obviously, the basic goal of any heatsink design is to produce a heatsink with an adequately low thermal resistance, Osa. The circuit also has a comparator-controlled current source which can be used in conjunction with and external timing capacitor to set a minimum over- voltage duration 0.

The remaining blocks support this basic function. Choose a replacement IC that operates at or above the circuit clock speed.

Full text of “motorola :: dataBooks :: Linear Switchmode Voltage Regulator Handbook”

The rectifier is then required to pass a surge current determined by the peak secondary voltage less the rectifier forward drop and limited only by the series resistance Rs. The time constant of this network should equal the anticipated switching time of the transistor ns to 1 JLS.


If lower output currents are required, an Dtaasheet 0. This fatasheet that transformer size is sacrificed for circuit simplicity. Input supply filter capacitor ground loop 5 If, after carefully rechecking the circuit, the designer is not successful in resolving the problem, seek assistance from the factory by contacting the nearest Motorola Sales office.

This function can be implemented using a positive output regulator together with an op amp or negative output regulator. Rectification Schemes 63 In this section, specification of the filter capacitor, rectifier and transformer ratings will be discussed. Higher Vqs ratings would solve the problem, but at this time it is advisable to use a regulated logic supply and provide only the minimum gate drive required for these situations.


This results in a reference voltage with very stable temperature characteristics. Standard resistor values include 3. The soft start is controlled by C5 and R5. Study of the available regulators given in the selection guide of Section 17 reveals that both the MCC and MC dagasheet meet the regulation performance requirements. See Section 3 for circuit techniques. First two digits significant figures, third digit indicates zeros.

A diode clamp can protect the lower transistor but a snubber or zener clamp must still be used to protect dataaheet top transistor from switching tran- sients.

One hundred percent inspection has to be used to determine the quality of the lot. Diodes Most diodes are marked with a part number and some means of identifying which lead is the cathode. Blue Red Green Black Note: The Motorola program is called MIL-M JAN Processed Product; a description of the program is beyond the scope of this section, however, Table gives the outgoing quality assurance sampling plan for standard quality level regulators.


Magnetic Properties Inductance and Turns Formula The turns required for a given inductance or inductance for a given number of turns can be calculated from: Another approach that seems to work equally as well is to do a paper design of the estimated windings and number of turns required. See Section 1 7 for available device output voltages R: As stated earlier, Schottkys are generally used for 5.

datxsheet For an electronic circuit load, however, the load resistance must be known in order to determine the output voltage: Half-load regulation is equally impressive. Analysis of the boost regulator begins by dealing with the choke as an energy storage element which delivers a fixed amount of power to the 26n249 General Design Considerations It should be noted that all circuit configurations shown have constant current limiting; if foldback limiting is desired, see Section 4C for techniques and design equations.

Find the values for the filter capacitor, transformer rectifier ratings, given: Estimate the peak surge current Ip and time t using: To cause the MC to crowbar both supplies, the indicator outputs from each half of the device are connected to 2h6249 remote activation inputs of the other half of the device.