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He brought some Arabic written and some plain papers.

Andhra Jyothi Telugu Epaper

Your Rating 1 star is bad, 5 stars is good. Because of my bad situation the hospital management discharged me without any payment. Hello How are you doing today? My mother is more aged and she is living alone without any income sources.

Now i want to know the way how to leave from here and how can i pay the amount as i am disabled handicapped condition without any andhraiyothi permit and without job.

News Paper should be reflect in trasperent to their customers, they would be be couragious. Everyday i am also crying due to my bad situation.

Andhra Prabha ePaper – Read Andhra Prabha Telugu Daily Newspaper Online

I can give u all the proofs regarding this issue. This is not just a complaint but I dint found a way how to contact your news paper. I have full confidence that you will do favor for my brightful future.

Actually he did not explain and what he has mentioned in that papers. HyderabadTelangana StateIndia. I have sent all messages to the Government of Kuwait also. But these papers are written in Arabic as well as in English, in which he has mentioned that there’s no file the case and not claiming money cash between you and me.

These are all the God only knows. We are loosing the confidense such news papers If you do favor for me, it will be very useful for my life.


As a Middle class man, I alone can’t fight with out the support of media. They said the reason my case still in the court and its not came to conclusion. Andhra jyothi news paper – Telugu news paper. Even though he filed the case on me and he spoiled my life in Kuwait.

Due to this situation he told me that he will give the power of attorney about our office and the whole in-charges Including renewal of my residency- permit in my hand. My agony is all epapwr Mr. Thank you very much for all your help and co-operation. Moreover he told me that all of our customers of housemaid office, the customers andhrzjyothi are complained to the police, the house maids are ran away from our office and he told me customers are demanded the money due to lost of housemaid cost.

I was staying near about 17days. I am presently living in USA I epsper very much frustrated about the way they are talking about the Megastar the great. During the same month of andhdajyothi MR.

Views Read Edit View history. But he took all of my signed papers epaler went out. We have given mail to andhrajyothi editor take proper action against paper agent, but they failoed do so Without food and without money for room rent how many years i am living in Kuwait.

So I beg you to kindly do favor for me. I wonder Rajashekar is best suited for foreteller than a film actor or a politician.

Vizianagaram Andhrajyothi Epaper Online Edition -Telugu (official)

My family members are all eagerly waiting when will i come back to India. My mother is also living depending upon my support. The major achievement of this channel is to expose the Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari sex scandal leading to his resignation from the post of the Governor. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I clearly and strongly informing you that the place in which the hotel is constructing is with out permission of the authorities.


Retrieved 5 August Every day my mother calls me through the telephone and crying about me. Simply i say that I don’t know how to express my feelings in the form of words. In the same time he said he demanded, he wanted to get the signature from me. Why he didn’t get the signature from me in his office original letter pad. There’s no way to pay myself due to my disabled handicapped situation.

Hello, i have been trying to get a loan from the bank, i could not find one. I am living in Kuwait for the past 16 years.

Finally i went with my lawyer to wajaratal shoon in hawalli for my releasing my pending salary to file the andhrsjyothi on my sponsor. Andhra jyothi news paper — Telugu news paper. But i did not file any case on him.

First of all i must relieve from Kuwait by the support of you. To; Contact Jagan Anna!!

ABN Andhra Jyothi

But they said that i have to pay my Spenser K D 2, then only i can able to leave from here. My case is now under andhrajyothu court in Kuwait. Weoffer Loans to individuals, Firms and other cooperate bodies who are inneed of financial help or assistant at a reduced interest rate.