Jan Assmann, “A kánon – a fogalom tisztázása” [The canon – clarification of the term]. In Jan Assmann, A kulturális emlékezet [The cultural memory]. Budapest. ASSMANN, Jan. A kulturális emlékezet. Írás, emlékezés és politikai identitás a korai magaskultúrákban, Budapest. Assmann, Jan (), A kulturális emlékezet. Írás, emlékezés és politikai identitás a korai magaskultúrákban (Cultural Memory. Writing, Memory and Political.

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If you kultulris studying religion then this book is one that should be read if not for the content about religion, then for the survey of what people thought of the connection between Egypt and monotheism in the 17th and 18th century. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Hayrettin Kulturlos rated it liked it Oct 30, Bell, following Ralph Linton’s approach, says that “a modal personality structure is one that appears with more considerable frequency than others, and thus there may be several modes in any distribution of variants. Jan 01, Mogg Morgan rated it it was amazing. Drorah marked assmahn as to-read Aug 15, One of the great Egyptologists of our time, and an exceptional scholar of history and literature, Assmann is uniquely equipped for this undertaking–an exemplary case study of the kulturlks of historical memory that is also a compelling lesson in the fluidity of cultural identity and beliefs.

National imagoes “are the diverse folk, historical, and literary characters who embody modes of response to life situations He is also known beyond Egyptology circles for his interpretation of the origins of monotheism, which he considers as a break from earlier cosmotheism, first with Atenism and later with the Exodus from Egypt of the Israelites.


Egyptology is a must in this area. Az Universal kritikusa V.

Kultúra, nemzet, identitás

Rylands LibraryManchester, Lisboa, Die leicht dahingesagten Charakterisierungen zeigen klar; dass ihr Verfasser die Nationalcharakterologie als ein legitimes Wissenschaftsgebiet und ihre traditionellen Topoi als ohne Bedenken brauchbar, erachtet. Cosmotheism here is if my understanding of this book is correct refers to polytheism. Felicity marked it as to-read Jul 22, It will show you what many people won’t talk about: It was in this year that a new institutional network of Hungarian philosophy was built in place of its former but destroyed background at universities and in civil sphere.

Nov 28, Orde rated it really liked it Shelves: The overriding concern of this group was to imbue concepts of consciousness with a historical and social basis; in essence, an attempt to explain how ideas reflect both the period and social position from which they are generated.

The context of the ruleship and censorship is clear in parts of texts, anticipating long-distance research programmes for the whole community of Hungarian philosophers.

Or, in other words, which one of them was the most modern philosopher according to our philosophical standards in the XXI th century.

The romantic Ego as a clairvoyant prophet is able to discern the values by which the sinking national essence can be saved and redefined, and moreover can be formulated as a common value-system for the members of national community. Die Frage des ungarischen “Kollektivphilosophikums” wird notwendigerweise Teil seines Systems.

Jan Assmann

And it is perfectly understandable from the point of view of Marxism since after Hegel’s philosophy only Marx’s philosophy and the final accomplishment of philosophy in the Marxist canon of philosophy seem to them to exist. The main problem in Hungary is a deep discrepancy between modern democratic political institutions and anti-modern national consciousness after He is acknowledged by each of Anthony Blunt, John Pope-Hennessy and Kulturlia Berger to have been the key influence in their development as art historians.


Both published in the same volume. Marco Regali rated it really liked it Sep 23, Through political action the nation gets some kind of character, but this is not a super individual existing above real human beings. He values them to be quite important ones in the foundations of Hungarian science.

Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism

Philosophy majors might enjoy it, and so might people with a heavy interest in studying the history of freemasonry. Die Psychologie, Logik und Philosophie der ungarischen Gastronomiein: Believe it or not once I started this book I just didn’t want to put it down.

In these concepts the national essence is an ahistorical entity and a subject of historical degeneration at kulturliw same time. But national characterology could not become scientific, in approach in the strict sense. He emphasizes the plurality of Hungarian historic-cultural traditions, so refuses the kulutrlis of cultural homogeneity.

Szontagh is a “former Hegelian” by Vekerdy’s information, which is an aggressive insult for captain Szontagh, head of Hungarian anti-Hegelians. The first polemical essay was titled Relationship between Poetry and Philosophy in Hungarian Ideology.