PDF | The programme of research known as the excellence theory began in the s with J. Grunig’s research on publics found among Colombian farmers. A comprehensive look at modern public relations theory. Grunig’s Excellence Theory had dominated public relations academy for the past first century views on Excellence Theory in relation to two-way symmetrical.

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The complete reference to excelleence book is Grunig, L. The point is that attitude and behavior change might be golden eggs, but plain eggs are far more common. Public Relations Without Theories? Past, present, and future. I remain unfiltered no matter my audience. Frequently, communicators must also attempt to persuade management to accept the views of publics and the organizational behaviors that are in the interest of both the organization and its publics.

The use of scenario building by a PR practitioner also involves the use of sociodrama and rhetoric on behalf of theofy PR practitioner in presenting language strategically used to persuade the dominant coalition to consider other points of view. Do you utilize two-way symmetrical communication in your work as a PR practitioner? With digital communication, publics have much more control over their sources of information; and organizations have little choice other than to excelence with them symmetrically.

All of the themes in this project are tied together and intertwined in practice. In any relationship, communication is key. Managing differentiation and integration Boston: Relationships with media people are very valuable, but less so than they were 10 years ago. The European Communication MonitorPart 2: The goal-attainment approach states that organizations are effective when they meet their goals.

Symmetry, social media, and the enduring imperative of two-way communication. But it is still just a part of a whole process. PR Professional 1 essentially stated that she used scenario building while acting as the ethical conscience of an organization, specifically during her time in working as a PR practitioner for an elected official.

The theory summarizes four main categorizes exdellence how organizations should be structured to optimize their value, including combination managerial and administrative roles, integrated PR functions, strong internal communications practices, and empowerment of diverse employees into managerial roles.


The Excellence Theory of Public Relations is a fundamental and defining statement about what effective public relations is. Excellence in public relations and communication management. What is the greatest recent concrete example of a way a PR professional should negotiate with the public? By having a seat at the table, I was able to determine a course of action — be it in an everyday PR situation or in crisis management mode — that would have both the most positive and least negative impact on all areas of the business.

What we are doing is facilitating conversations and this client also has a survey people can fill out on iPads on site. I cannot really name any companies that best fulfill the Excellence principles without having done any research on the companies. The theory of open system in physics and biology Science,23— Constructing public relations theory and practice. The excellence theory evolved from four approaches: Views Read Edit View history.

If so, can you provide a few examples? Ah, if only there were a roadmap! Excellence Theory A comprehensive look at modern public relations theory. How do you handle the two-way communication of social media? excfllence

Excellence theory

I would add, however, that the most important principle of the Excellence theory is the extent to which a public relations function participates in the strategic management of an organization rather than as a messenger service for decisions made by others in the organization.

Peters and Waterman, for example, named several companies that they believed were excellent in their book, In Search of Excellence. There also is a direct correlation between the act of scenario building and the PR practitioner acting as the ethical conscience of the organization.

What it becomes is a process of PR rather than a strategy. Revolutionary or simple—we want to hear it. A spatial model of effectiveness criteria: Another way is through Google searches to do a competitive scan.

I would say they are very important. What are the main obstacles PR professionals face in actually theeory the Excellence Theory within daily practice? In your experience as a PR professional, have you worked in positions that operated as a strategic management function?


Starbucks was among the first large organizations to take social media to an innovative level by using it to actively conduct research and generate public feedback.

James Grunig: Excellence Theory | A comprehensive look at modern public relations theory

Thus, I think we should concentrate on common effects of communication such as awareness of how others think, changes in cognition understanding of the views exce,lence othersimprovements in relationships, and similar effects that can be achieved in a symmetrical model of communication. In another instance, this professional uses interviews to gather information in regards to environmental scanning. That said, there is a colossal lack of understanding of how those placements come to excelpence.

Throughout our final book reporting the results of both the quantitative and qualitative research, we provided numerous examples of how different organizations exemplified each of the Excellence principles.

The Public Relations Excellence Theory of Grunig, Grunig, and Dozier: A bibliography.

With a symbolic-interpretive approach, public relations professionals attempt to change how publics interpret organizational behaviors without having any role in shaping those behaviors in the first place. Do anything and everything. I will cite a recent paper by Shannon Bowen that provides an example of how Starbucks has used digital media to engage its publics symmetrically. Most of my work in the PR field was not in a strategic management level. The systems approach dxcellence recognizes the importance of environment for an organization to be effective by indicating mutual need between an organization and its environment.

Strategic management of conflict in public relations. There are always ethical decisions to be made when it grunib to the public, research, medical treatments, etc. Many people in the professional world measure the ROI of public relations in the form of counting media hits, however, this is not a successful way in which PR practitioners can truly measure the strength of the relationships between an organization and its publics.