Memory, death, love, beauty, dreams – Brodsky touches on all of these in this wonderfully evocative book, says PD Smith. A very, very short prose-exercise by Nobelist Brodsky about Venice, his many wintertime trips there, the enchantment and ironies and visual. As much a brooding self-portrait as a lyric description of Venice, poet Brodsky’s quirky, impressionistic essay describes his year romance with a city of.

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Its exposed jelly dwells with atavistic joy on reflected palazzi, spiky heels, gondolas, etc. Watetmark three village lads drew their heads into their shoulders and were squinting the way a child does anticipating pain.

Bogarde in a deck chair aboard a steamer made me forget about the interfering credits and regret that I was not mortally ill; even today I am still capable of feeling that regret. In short, underneath all these squabbles, unwitting ones or otherwise, lies the simple truth that islands don’t grow.

Dec 15, B. Perhaps this idea was even of my own manufacture, but now I don’t remember. In other words no pun intendedmetaphor is incurable. watrrmark

I love the flow of such writing when the references aren’t overtly explained. And add to this that the interplay between plague and literature poetry in particular, and Italian poetry especially was quite intricate from the threshold.

Hence my sentiment for water, for its folds, wrinkles, and ripples, and–as I am a Northerner–for its grayness. For a moment I felt dizzy; but as I was no novelist, I skipped the option and took a doorway I think I’d never met a Fascistyoung or old; however, I’d dealt with a considerable number of old CP members, and that’s why tea at Olga Rudge’s place, with that bust of Ezra sitting on the floor, rang, so to speak, a bell. Maybe even a Mozart, maybe even a Haydn.


A miracle that, rubbed the right and watemark wrong way for over a millenium, it doesnt have holes in it, that it is still H 2 Othough you would never drink it; that it still rises. In any case, some of the blueprintsan apt term in this city! If I get sidetracked, it is because being sidetracked is literally a matter of course here and echoes water. The host and brpdsky companions lagged somewhere behind; I was on my own. Aug 23, Kasandra rated it it was amazing. It must be said that she took it like a mensch.


This is, I suppose, an extreme view, but I am a Northerner.

WATERMARK by Joseph Brodsky | Kirkus Reviews

An alternate burial spot a little farther from Pound was found. Farsightedness here, however, would be counterproductive. I’d keep the circles but make them satermark ice, wqtermark the temperature dropping with every spiral. It really does look like musical sheets, frayed at the edges, constantly played, coming to you in tidal scores, in bars of canals with innumerable obbligati of bridges, mullioned windows, or curved crownings of Cuducci cathedrals, not to mention the violin necks of gondolas.

Besides, you can’t follow it that well, whether it’s in Italian or Latin.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise

So the party was celebrating the umpteenth’s having come into his own, as well as his launching a press to produce books about Venetian art. Winter thus was my season; the only thing I lacked, I thought, to look like a local rake or [carbonaro] was a scarf.

I should say that, good though this place is for honeymoons, I’ve often thought it should be tried for divorces alsoboth in progress and already accomplished. Paperbackpages. As for the Evangelist himself, he of course died in Alexandria, Egyptbut of natural causesand he never went on a safari.

Though his voice is a sensual one and he is obviously thinking of sex whenever he looks at a Venetian cathedral or a torn up curtain or a crumbling apartment facade he lacks a power and a direction and a virility in his writing that Waetrmark found very depressing from a nobel winner.


A reflection cannot possibly care for a reflection. For it was more than a letdown: Or else these streets are like wardrobe racks: You don’t revive a painting, let alone a statue.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise | Travel | Smithsonian

Every traveler knows this fix: The surrounding beauty is such that one instantly conceives of an incoherent animal desire to match it, to be on a par. The only case, I must add, where such a merger turned outquite early onto be to the subjects’ advantage.

On water, for instance, you never get absentminded the way you do in the street: The winter light in this city! Like many books of the twenties, it was fairly shortsome two hundred pages, no moreand its pace was brisk. There was a great deal of dust everywhere; the hues and shapes of everything in sight were mitigated by its gray.

But what this book lacked in length, it more than made up for in poignancy and enchantment. A far cry from architecture. That an insurance man can tell these two apart is indeed a feat of imagination. Sam Fuller Every essay I’ve read by him has been wonderful. By the same token, as long as this place exists, as long as winter light shines upon it, Kodak shares are the best investment. Upon returning home, folks stare in wonderment at what they’ve acquired, knowing full well that there is no place in their native realm to flaunt these acquisitions without scandalizing the natives.

In ogni caso, gli oggetti non fanno domande: Personally, I hate the smell of seaweed – but reading this, how could one not understand what it is to like it?