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As for the fabricated cult… it was described so realistically and with sufficient detail, I was convinced langsn to have googled it. Audrey’s Lw, by Sarah Langan. Langan can scare the pants off the reader when she wants.

I had to take a moment after reading this book to think about things. It’s the psychological thriller that falls flat. Neither one can operate a computer so I’m safe writing this.

Again, Sarah Langan represents two of the seven. Something in it is very aware of Audrey, and it insists that she build it a door of mysterious purpose. The ghost elements in the book were interesting and original, but not weaved seamlessly through the story.

Soon Audrey finds her new apartment was previously occupied by a mother who went nuts and murdered her young children there. Whether I wanted to continue living in a world where this book can be published was the biggest re in my mind. Ms Langan’s pacing might be a little off.

La puerta de Audrey: Sarah Langan: : Books

Sarah Langan’s writing is solid and the story is a page turner, but it hit a point for me where I just wanted to jump ahead pages to see what is going to happen within the apartment building. How can you mess that up? Jan 07, Layton added it. What have your walls seen? As a horror novel this is very Straub, and Langan seems to be making a conscious effort to write elegantly as well as grippingly.

That being said, the only reason I can think she plotted and peopled this book with the characters she sxrah was that she has an intense, burning hatred of people who read. As an example, after Audrey talks about an instance from her childhood where her mother wound up cutting her throat with a kitchen knifeher wacky neighbor exclaims “We are so fucked up!


The book is a mix of horror, bit of romance, mystery and thriller, the reader is never sure whether Audrey is the one cracking up or of the building is really haunted, well that is best savored and read, so I won’t spoil anything by adding any more details but many things happen, some not so good and some really shocking.

I didn’t want it to end. Audrey’s Door, by Sarah Langan 1 15 Jul 13, And something is very, sarahh wrong — a malevolent force is trying to find a door to this world, and it believes Audrey is the one to build it. Built on the Puertx West Side, the elegant Breviary claims a regal history. She’s a thrice published author, and that must mean that she knows how to write well enough. Lots of folk have recommended that I take a look at Langan’s work, so — although I can’t really be described as a regular reader of horror — I eventually decided to follow their advice.

They were my favorite parts of the book. The woman at the center of the story arrives in New York after years of living with her psychotic mother, she herself overloaded with psychological tics and anxieties.

Voices and shadows, horrific illusions or men and women in her apartment and creepy neighbors were just the beginning. How often do you say that for a horror novel? Additionally, she has just fled from her fiancee after confirming that she suffers from OCD, hence the need for a new place to live.

We also get info dumps on the history of the building in the form of newspaper articles that precede each section of the book and a few thrown into the story for good measure. And yet bef Langan draws inspiration from masterpiece haunted house stories such as The Haunting of Hill House and The Shining for her novel about Audrey Lucas’s encounter with a haunted apartment buidling.

Who has resided with you? But is it something otherwor The premise: Ok I will now get off my soap box sxrah get on with my review. There is evil in this apartment that speaks to her in her dreams, begging her to build a door. Overall, I liked it, though I’d have liked it more if it was better edited. Or more accurately, why are more women horror authors not sarqh out for awards in the genre of horror.


May 20, Krystl Louwagie rated it really liked it. So I bought it, and then it sat on my shelf for over a year, waiting pa me to get around to reading it. Also, her boyfriend is an overweight man who’s family is from India-and he’s an unsuccessful independent film maker, so it was nice having a romance with someone who’s more or less normal. There were far too many littering this book, and considering that in the acknowledgements in the beginning of the book she says, “I’m also grateful to my editors Sarah Durand and Diana Gill, both of whom gave me the time to get it right,” it is pretty inexcusable for there to be so many easily dr errors still there.

The book was well-written, favored psychological chills to gore, and presented a convincing set of characters.

La puerta de Audrey

So, setting the haunting in a NYC apartment turns the expectations of the reader right from the start. In fact, Audrey kind of drove me a little nuts, and the secondary cast wasn’t that much better. Is she working too hard?

All that being said, I will admit, there were times I drifted into boredom. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Opening the iTunes Store. The next was whether or not the smoke alarms in my building would go off if I did to this book what I really wanted to.