Strategy Guide for Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De(Aselia the Eternal – The Spirit of Eternity Sword) originally posted by 永遠のアセリア (Eien no Aselia, Aselia the Eternal). August 27, ·. A useful walkthrough for those who are having a hard time. (Note: contains spoilers so. Think you’re an expert in Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword -? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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Eien no Aselia character comparison | Eternity Sword Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

There are no enemy attackers in this mission, it is for preparation for the coming battles, for you to train your characters and construct buildings. Here is what i have. Sure, the micromanagement can eoen pretty tedious if you care about SS ranks and all that, but there’s no real downside to playing casually.

I picked all the choices that the walkthrough states to go for the Orpha route but i am in the Aselia Route. It seems like they didn’t want to miss a release date, so they simply never publicly set one.


Mar 24th at Bad stats, low attack power and skill uses, average defense, and aseloa have Magic Banishes as spells. What possible reason could there be for that?! Can’t said much about her either, but what I knew her route was available on 2nd playthrough.


Mar 27th at 9: Normally Tokimi being a strong eternal could take of Et Ca Repha herself. I’m sure she has her aselix for turning into a Law Eternal.

Himeora is Narukana and Jirol’s close friend, she love Jirol but died without ever telling him how she felt. I’ve drained my mana to 0 in the last two or three maps. The pure words that I can’t communicate even if I try wander about the limited horizon.

Eternals CAN be killed, the reason they usually dont die is because they leave a fraction of their power at a safe spot so if they die they will automatically be drawn to that place and “revive”. Its information is based on multiple Japanese guides as well as our own experimentation. Without the update, it doesn’t work on pretty much any computer, though.

The most frustrating enemy formation contains multiple green spirits with high HP and physical defense coupled simultaneously with support healing.

There is no problem with your patch, that is the result of the protagonists not understanding the spoken language. Norio Wakamoto actually voices two characters. That means they removed it from the ps2 port then. Seinarukana is one of the two sequels of Eien no Aselia, the other being Spitan. They look like Key’s awful sprites taken to the extreme.

Eien No Aselia Guide – [PDF Document]

IRC Spoiler tags Spoilers in submissions: What size image should we insert? Dammit I want the real sequel so bad. Most of the missions reward you for completing them faster. Took me some saving loading, but he’s worth Mana. My 1st playthrough, Aselia route btw. Is your information wrong? Any chance of a guide on what to actually do to win? In fact, her best skills are a little tricky to use.


Make sure this is what you intended. To get to these routes, beside fulfilling the other conditions previously mentioned, you need to advance and fight with the enemies in this mission fast enough to get Kyoukos squad to show in time before mission ends in 20 turns and beat it. The boy who had just moved nearby. Can I install this patch on the original PC release, can you make it to work on that somehow? Does this game work on Windows Vista, how about Windows 7?

The best counter to that is two red spirits attacker, supporter or red spirit as attacker and blue spirit as supporter to banish the heals. Aside from making choices that would lead to scenes featuring a heroine you wqlkthrough to focus on, you accumulate the Love Points chiefly by fighting together with that heroine. Side By Side Format multiple images into a tidy layout. I had no problem whatsoever here, so I presume that the formation will return to normal until you fight the all-arounder.

Persuade her to confess.

Those abilities also heal and can’t be interrupted. Her HP is shit.